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Listener - Whispermoon

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Media:[Audio CD] [7/12inch Vinyl]
Recordlabel:Mush Records
Info:Production by:
- Listener: 1, 4
- Dust: 2, 5, 7, 9, 11, 14
- Freddie Bruno: 3
- Elected Official: 6
- Gruntwork: 10, 12
- Ohmega Watts: 13
- ILL: 15

1. The moon cries out
2. FYI
3. You're so underground
4. eMotional
5. Winter life
6. Train song
7. Decadence
8. I'm beginning to hear whispers
9. Ways of the wind
10. You will be my music
11. Behind these doors
12. Wundering
13. Crystal methods
14. It's a lonely world
15. Untitled
Rating:Our users rated this release: 9 out of 10
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Review:thang tay no tech thang tau no sang gia ho chei phai gio trung lam chodan viez het khung lai dien gia ho chet duoc gio thineg lam cho tan dung het dien lai khung cu LE HIEN DUC keu goi toan dan chiet khan lien xo tuyet thuc de tang cho tren 8.000 dan lanh bi tron song tap the xu HUE tet MAU THAN lan nay tan dung co the giet thue cho giac TAU hang trieu dan viet de lanh thuong 100 ty dola giau nha the gioi roi ca gia dinh phai chet nhu GADAFIA
source: Nelly, added: Oct 07, 2015

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