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Listener - Ozark Empire

Release:Ozark Empire
Ozark Empire
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Media:[Audio CD]
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Recordlabel:Deepspace5 Records
Info:Listener & EQ released this limited edition of a 1000 copies in 2005. Also available with a brown cover.

1. Backwoods preacher man
2. Ozark empire
3. I've been waiting for this moment for all my life, hold on
4. In the woods you know where your enemies are
5. You're so special because you're so unique
6. I'd like to offer you my dearest apologies
7. When no one else will be your friend I will do the job
8. The music that the angels do
9. It's time for drastic measures they're not taking you seriously
10. What would you do if I'm not what I'm supposed to be
11. They always say your life will never dull or your money back
12. Officer you have the wrong man I am not that man
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Review:this is an album that literally changed my life. It is well known that too much of anything good or bad can change even the most devout individual over time, and as was the case with myself and most hip hop heads, the artform we loved and craved was turning into another mundane. same old thing. no change, growing pain but no originality gained type of artform,
and for those of us dedicated to the creation and freedom of self expression we once knew, we weren't so eager to move on to top 40 or acoustic folk rock just yet, it was at this time that some divine force of intervention brought listener parading into my life with hands waving and no water in sight, OZARK EMPIRE was his signal fire and for those of us that were dry brush just waiting to be consumed, it did just that..Listener's album right from the start is not and could not, be mistaken with any other hip hop album at the time or as of yet, DJ EQ busts in with an amazing rendition of what sounds like an old backwater porch sung hymn, properly desecrated with instense cuts and drum breaks immediately followed by listeners choppy cadence and overly enunciated lyrical onslaught on the albums title track "Ozark Empire"..from there on, the album continues to tell an amazing story cleverly intertwined and tight woven with beats, hooks and samples that could only come from tennessee native DJ EQ, Listener begins to take us on the journey of a traveling knife salesman, complete with all his social conformity, pursuit of the american dream and inadequacy, who is eventually and ironically killed by his own wife with one of his own products. While all along listener leaves something there on the album for everyone, with songs reminiscent of the wit found in his deepspace5 collective efforts on tracks like "when no one else will be your friend i'll do the job" and " i'd like to offer you my dearest apologies", and at the same time crafting and forming his own style of songwriting and delivery which has come to be known as "TALK MUSIC" on songs like "what would you do if i'm not what i'm supposed to be" and " i've been waiting for this moment all my life hold on" overall this is the best hip hop album to be released by any one from any of deepspace5 and their respective groups, mostly because it is not hip hop anymore, its something new and more powerful, if this album doesn't change your life, 102.5 KDON will always be there for you....11 out of 10
source: the man prefekt, added: May 03, 2007
source: -1', added: Jun 02, 2015

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