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D-Boy - Peace 2 the poet

Release:Peace 2 the poet
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Recordlabel:Frontline Records
Info:This compilation got released after D-Boy was murdered. Compilation by David Haddock. Mastered by Dave Jahnsen. Interview segments by Bob Souer.

1. Cease for peace - 1990
2. G.O.D.'s Posse in effect - 1989
3. Interview - 1990
4. Pick yourself up - 1989
5. Planting a seed - 1989
6. The boy don't play - 1990
7. God gave us the power - 1990
8. When I strut - 1989
9. Interview - 1990
10. Hey You - 1988
11A. Drop the mic - 1990
11B. I caught the mic - 1991
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Review:This album is a collection of the best songs recorded by D-Boy. It's amazing to hear the difference between D-Boy's early songs (1998) and the songs he did just 2 years later. D-Boy grew fast, he was a trend-setter for Holy Hip Hop. Too bad he got shot to dead. A great loss...

If you don't have D-Boy's other albums, this one is a must have!

Track 11 'Drop the mic' is mixed over into track 12 'I caught the mic' by MC GeeGee (D-Boy's sister).
source: Busy R., added: Jul 31, 2005

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