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Sanctified Syndicate - Gangsta World Mixtape

Release:Gangsta World Mixtape
Gangsta World Mixtape
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Recordlabel:Sanctified Sound
Info:1. Bring the pain
2. Keep it gangsta
3. Get off me
4. Big tyme
5. Represent
6. Chosen child: "Gangsta World"
7. Haters
8. Let's get it on
9. Roll with it
10. Gangsta world
11. P.O.O.C.H.: "The Void"
12. Too many
13. Hard headed
14. You would rather
15. March
16. In dat bayou
17. Get loose
18. Street mentality
19. Selah: "The Difference"
20. Stop boy
21. Why should not us
22. Rise above it
23. Navigator: "The Mix"
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