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116 Clique - The compilation album

Release:The compilation album
The compilation album
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Recordlabel:Reach Records
Info:Production by CI, JR, Lecrae and Tony Stone. The compilation features Estella, Json, Lecrae, Tedashi and Thisl. Guest appearances by BJ, Ray, Sho and Trip-Lee.

1. 116 intro
2. In ya hood
3. Church boys
4. Fanatics
5. Trip-Lee - interlude
6. Stand, walk, dance
7. Love song
8. Hurr they come
9. Breathe in breathe out
10. Impressed (int)
11. Impressed
12. I see the Lord
13. Love song
14. Streets
15. Stand up
16. Kingdom people
17. Crossover remix - bonustrack
Rating:Our users rated this release: 7.7 out of 10
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Original author/source
Review:This cd is one of the best that I have ever heard, period! The mix is great! This is a sound that christian rap has needed for a long time. The F.O.T.U. (fellowship of the unashamed) is a type of radical attitude that some teens and young adults need to understand what a relationship with God means. Four thumbs up on 116 cluque. I also have Lecrae, J'son, and I am trying to find cds for the whole 116 clique. They are off the chain!
source: Leslie Sanderfur, Knoxville, TN, added: Oct 11, 2005
Review:116 Clique
The Compilation Album
Written By: Milton "Tha Zealot"
I doubt there exists a better description of this album than that of the title itself. Like the name implies the “116 Clique” (pronounced one-one-six) is not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The operative words here being “not ashamed.” Their formula for this compilation is philosophically quite simple: Rep Jesus’ name as much as you can for sixteen bars. Musically, they’re all business. This, their first full-length recording together, features a lush arrangement of pounding bass and energetic rhythms. After a few listens, there is no doubt that you’ll soon be ready to join “the fellowship of the unashamed.”

The simple, innocent act of hitting play on track one brings a deluge of sound that puts your head into a continuous nodding motion. Each of the thirteen songs focus on the Person and work of Jesus Christ, and the 116 Clique approaches them with boldness and firm conviction. I dare you, listener, to listen to track four, and not have it plant itself firmly in your head. The hook on this track is huge, its energy unmistakable and unstoppable as Lecrae lets the world know about his fanaticism for Jesus Christ. But it’s the diversity that sets this compilation apart. We get the up tempo bump of “Breathe In, Breathe Out,” we also get the Midwest sway of “In Ya Hood,” the soothing praise and worship of “I See the Lord,” the church exhortation and instruction of “Kingdom People,” and the Midwest bounce of “Act Out.” If this weren’t enough it is capped off by three insightful interlude tracks sprinkled in between a few songs. “Church Boyz” shows This’l is interested in syllabic rhyme forms. His rhyme pattern on this one adds a certain tightness and precision that complements the track well. Also I must take note of emcee “Sho’s” use of alliteration to describe the work of Christ on “Stand, Walk, Dance.” For those who have maybe forgotten what alliteration is, here’s a quick definition taken from Webster’s: the repetition of usually initial consonant sounds in two or more neighboring words or syllables. Here’s an example taken from “Stand, Walk, Dance” in describing Christ’s passion on the cross: “…Saved, Suffered, Slaughtered, Stretched…” Here’s another, only this time to describe our position before Christ: “…Ruined, Roughnecks, Ready, to Rot” Finally peep this last one: “…Iniquity, Immanuel, Isolated…” This is usually done for effect and, it shows a certain degree of depth and thought went into this emcee’s lyrics. Superb job.

In “The Compilation Album” The 116 Clique have concocted a refreshing and challenging record that confronts us powerfully with the gospel of Jesus. It’s smart, mature, energetic, and has tons of replay potential. From start to finish, you have an album that is absolutely invigorating. You can sense the rawness and immediacy with which the Clique present the gospel. They manage to maintain the integrity of the message while providing some very entertaining music to nod your head to. Pick this one up along with another one for your friends. Not quite a classic compilation, but a very solid effort by the 116 Clique.

--Milton "The Zealot"
source: Holy Culture Radio, added: Apr 15, 2006
Review:Whoa! What is there to say about this compilation album from the 116 Clique!? In the words of the Ziklag Boyz, it's “raw and uncut!”

Finally, a southern, beat-bangin album with Christ-centered lyricism! While the general feeling has been that the South has the bangin club beats and the East has the best lyricism, this album combines both elements, while keeping it Christ glorified at the same time.

If you missed last year's breakthrough album by newcomer Lecrae, you need to pick that up if at all possible. Lecrae actually heads up most of the production on this album, along with other well-knowns like Tony Stone and DJ Official to name a few. The 116 Clique itself consists of members Lecrae, Tedashii, Thi'sl, Json, and Sho. Each has a distinct flow of their own, which gives a versatile flavor to the album.

This album's anthem seems to say, “We not ashamed!” of Jesus and the gospel message. Hence the name 116 Clique, which comes from Romans 1:16 “I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes...” (which also happens to be a verse I just painted on my car, lol) This unashamed stance is prevalent throughout the whole album, found in skits and songs like “Stand Up,” “Fanatics,” “Impressed,” “Act Out” and “Kingdom People.” Another message that the 116 Clique conveys through the album is an attitude of humbleness and adoration before a mighty, loving, and holy God. Several references in the album are made of Isaiah's example of how “Impressed” he was at the sight of the living God in his miraculous commission in Isaiah chapter 6, especially in the awesome worshipful song “I See the Lord.” “Love Song” is the other excellent worship track worthy of mention.

The only minor drawback to this album is that the lyrics may seem a little “legalistic” throughout. While these guys rap holiness and condemn sin, they seem to do it out of duty to an angry God, instead of out of love to a loving God, along with seemingly condemning the sinner.

The greatest strength of this album is the production. Really yawl, these are some of the hardest southern beats I've ever heard, period. Some of my personal fav's are “In ya hood.” the dance song “Breathe in Breath out,” “Streets,” “I See the Lord,” “Impressed” and “Stand Up.” This album is strongly recommended for all because of its versatility, but is a MUST HAVE for you southern (Christian) club heads. God bless yawl.

Reviewed by Kobe
source: Altaredlives.org, added: Jul 12, 2006

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