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L.G. Wise - Nu breed

Release:Nu breed
Nu breed
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Recordlabel:Wise Up Records
Info:1. Intro
2. Tonight
3. Follo me
4. V.I.P. (Lucifa)
5. Nu breed
6. Heaven
7. Lalala Pt. 3
8. Ugly
9. Hey young world
10. Mamma's house
11. U.soft
12. Keep on movin
13. Where do we go
14. Vol. I
Rating:Our users rated this release: 8.7 out of 10
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Original author/source
Review:man..this album is crazey, LG Wise continues what he started from his classic "Me vs Industry" LG Wise has soo much to say on this CD that i cant explain to u right now, so go get it...anyways LG Wise starts hard with the intro man, that song is crazey especialy the chorus man, and then Tonight where he talks about whats happenin on the streets..and then #3 Follow Me, with a TIGHT beat, crazey flo..and then #4 is the club banger VIP (Lucifa) the title says it all...#5 Nu Breed this song is the craziest song Christian Rap will ever experience OO MY, LG Wise spits hard to a crazey Hardcore Beat beat, aiming at rappers such as G-Unit with lines like "and how the ice up on your teeth to keep the christale cold, but when ur names get to hell still cant freeze your soul" LG WIse does his thing, but the suprise comes at the end the 3rd verse, where G-Reality comes in, with the voice of 2pac he just kills the track..man LG Wise and G-reality should make an album together they crazey when rappin together...#6 is the remake of Bebe and Cece's heaven this song is one of my favorites on the album...#7 is La La La pt 3 directed to Eminem and ???? find out when u get the album...#8 is ugly this is more of a slowed down song, which talks about the whole industry..#9 is Hey Young World the hit single from Me vs Industry im glad they put that song on this album again..#10 is Momas House the name says it all...#11 is U-Soft man this song is CRAZZEEYY aimed to the rappers in the industry one line that i like a lot is "but when they blast you on the streets aint no breathin again" thats line means soo much, but u gotta listen to the whole song to get it...#12 is keep on moving i luv this track right here LG Wise...#13 is Where Do we Go the remake of Where do we go from LG Wise's 1st CD "G's Us 4 Life" the lyrics are almost the same the beat is changed a lil, renewed, and Double AA has a verse on it...#14 is Vol. 1 this song is another crazey song one line that like is "Now i wanna see what allah gonna do for u son" but again you gotta listen to the whole song to get it...and finally the Outro it starts out with the same beat as the Intro and some guy starts talking and then it fades out and a bonus track comes up a song for the ladies...One of the best CHristian rap albums along with "Me vs Industry"
source: Arek Kissoyan, added: Jul 06, 2005

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