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G-Force Alliance - Episode 1 : the unification

Release:Episode 1 : the unification
Episode 1 : the unification
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Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:Production by JustMe, Noneedz, OneLife, Re:Flex the Architect, Richy D, Sammy B, Tell, TP productions. The artists are Cas Metah, Gideon, Richy D, Sammy B and Tia Steward.

1. G-Force
2. Auxilary
3. International anthem
4. Silent city
5. Bold soldier
6. Usual suspects
7. Sin killer
8. The race
9. Forrest life
10. The miry
11. Stranger in this town
12. Back up to the garden
13. Wake up call
14. One day
15. Itís a shame
16. Perfect
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