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DC Talk - Free at last - Extended Play Remixes

Release:Free at last - Extended Play Remixes
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Media:[Audio CD]
Info:1. Jesus is Just Alright (TechnoMix)
2. Jesus is Just Alright (Retro Mix)
3. Luv is a Verb (Gotee Mix)
4. The Hardway (Video Mix)
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Original author/source
Review:Een techno en een Retro Mix van 'Jesus is just allright', een Gotee Mix van 'Luv is a verb' en een Video Mix Bonus Track van The Hardway. Met vier nummers samen goed voor 20 minuten spetterende raps van DC Talk, geremixed door niemand minder dan Scott Blackwell. Een single voor maar 14,95
source: Samma Nieuws - Januari 1995, added: Feb 23, 2005
Review:Scott Blackwell is a busy man these days, yet he managed to contribute most of the creativity behind these new offerings--remixes of some of the industry's upbeat songs. He pulls off some excellent work, up there with his best.

The DC Talk project includes two remixes of "Jesus is Just Alright"--an energetic 'Techno Mix' and a funky, R&Bish version in the 'Retro Mix.' An stripped-down, but almost downbeat mix of "Luv is a Verb" and the video remix version of "The Hardway" round out the 22+ minutes on the album.

While there are only four songs on the album, I thoroughly enjoyed the mixes and like most of them more than the originals. If you liked them once, you'll probably like them again in their new form.
source: Roger Appelinski, pre-web TLeM October, 1994, added: Feb 23, 2005

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