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DC Talk - Narrow is the road (video)

Release:Narrow is the road (video)
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Review:DC Talk's concert tour is rated as one of the best on the road by fans. Narrow is the Road is a long form video focusing on the concert experience of this popular group.

The video opens with some of the video's many clips from the past year on the road, set to "Luv is a Verb." A short interview with Michael Tait explains the group's intent for touring. Up next is a concert performance of "Jesus is Just Alright." After a bit of "Say the Words," they talk about Compassion International and meet a child they support. They also feature a segment of instrumental solos by the band members as they introduce them to the crowd.

The guys took cameras along as they went with Billy Graham on a day off. They also took a trip to Liberty University and reminisced about the founding of DC Talk. After concert footage of "That Kinda Girl" and "I Don't Want It," they go behind the scenes to look at the making of the video for "The Hardway."

One of the highlights is a chance for the guys to meet with Larry Norman and discuss the song "I Wish We'd All Been Ready." They share a small clip of their performance of Norman's classic in a downbeat unplugged vein. After another short interview about the purpose of the video project, they add more concert footage of "Free at Last." Also included are the videos of "Jesus is Just Alright" and "The Hardway."

While Narrow is the Road doesn't really shed too much new light on the band's life, purpose, or message, it's an enjoyable experience, and one that serious fans of the group probably won't want to miss.
source: Roger Appelinski, pre-web TLeM October, 1994, added: Feb 23, 2005

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