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Dragon Fli Empire - Conquest

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Recordlabel:Make Believe Records
Info:The re-release of the album from 2002. Production by Dragon Fli Empire, Grub, Infinte P and DJ Nato.

1. Empire
2. Beauty Full
3. D-E-F
4. 4U
5. All That
6. Thoughtful Poet
7. Mount Pleasant
8. Speak to Me
9. From Under
10. Language of Music
11. Beauty Full 2.0
12. Tower of Babel
13. Conquest
Rating:Our users rated this release: 7 out of 10
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Review:Written by SSRC
Saturday, 07 June 2003
Dragon Fli Empire - Conquest
Hailing from the Calgary Alberta the home of the Calgary Stampede, plentiful oil and right wing politics, your first impression would not be Hip Hop. After getting past Calgary's geographic trivia you will see that Calgary has a thriving Hip Hop scene which is indebted to both Teekay and DJ Cosm who make up Dragon Fli Empire. DJ Cosm has been a staple in the Calgary Hip Hop scene producing for local rap groups and holding down a successful Hip Hop radio show on CJSW. Tarik has gained a reputation for a dope live show by performing many gigs in Calgary's Hip Hop scene as well as opening for established underground mainstays such as Farm Fresh Alumi Pip Skid and Mr. Blunderbuss himself John Smith.

Dragon Fli Empire gets off on a good foot with the opening track "Beauty Full" as it takes you on a Sunny Sunday afternoon ride down the Alberta countryside. Tarik gives us a run down on what a beautiful day is like in his world as he flows over the jazzy beat like a brand new Porsche on a freshly paved road. "4U" has Teekay tag teaming with Infinite P to bring us a stand out track that has been carefully constructed for you the listener. Both emcees talk about everything under the sun from marrying someone's daughter, to not signing a record contract without a lawyer. The production on Conquest is solid throughout, but DJ Cosm stands out from the rest and as he produces some of the albums most enjoyable cuts. "Thoughtful Poet" starts off with Mos Def talking about the powerfulness of poetry. Cosm gives a beautiful horn sample over a hard hitting beat as Lingo and Teekay rip the track as emcee's should. Cosm's jazz influence is found again on the stellar "Tower Of Babel".

If you have never heard what Calgary has to offer Conquest is a great introduction. These Urban Farmers know how to make Hip Hop enjoyable while dropping knowledge at the same time. Let's hope this is not the last time we hear from this talented duo. Dragon Fli Empire brings back some of the fun that Hip Hop has been missing and it would be sad if ended with this.

3 of 5 stars
source: Sphereofhiphop.com, added: Aug 12, 2006

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