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Dragon Fli Empire - The invasion

Release:The invasion
The invasion
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Recordlabel:Make Believe Records
Info:Guests appearances by Chaz, DJ Nato, Epic, Mindbender, More or Les, Ndidi Cascade, Ohmega Watts and Touch.

1. Plan of Attack
2. Freshman
3. Three - featuring Ndidi Cascade and More or Les
4. Our Way
5. Soundtrack of My Life
6. Tight Spot - featuring Mindbender
7. She Got Soul
8. Headphones
9. The City
10. One Dollar
11. Roc the Crowd - featuring Omega Watts
12. Invasion - featuring Touch and Chaz
13. Everyday
14. Be Free
15. The Lion - featuring sphere720 and Tariq
FAS Krew bonus cuts
16. A Glass of Water
17. Perspective - featuring Epic
18. Mount Pleasant Remix
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