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MC Dash

Country:United States
Info:Isaac Barrera is MC Dash, which stands for "Musical Christian Destroying All Satan Has". Isaac had a background of drug dealing and gang violence, before turning to God.

Release:It's the fire
It's the fire
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Media:[Audio CD]
Released:1997 [ Listen to HHH from this era on Spotify ]
Recordlabel:Infiniti Records
Info:Executive Production by Dave Kerby, Sr.
Production by MC Oash Associate Production by Fade, Jerry Moya, John C. Martinez, Bernard Wright and Dave Guzman.
Written by MC Dash, Emmanuel Brew
& Edwin R. Hawkins "Oh Happy Day" - 1973 Benson Music Group.
Recorded & Mixed at Jam Packed Studios, San Josť, California ; The Music Annex, Menlo Park, California ; Studio Venus, San Josť, California.
Mastered at Trakworks, San Francisco, California.
Graphic Design by Ron Miranda.
Graphic Production by Josh Spears.
Keyboards by M.C. Dash, Fade, Emmanuel Brew,
Yogi Bear and Bill Williams.
Vocals by Justina & Amber Berrera (Wonder Why Story).
Singing Vocals by Julie Griffin Smith and Fade.
Background Vocals by Stephanie Fastro, Anna Ybarra, X-Ray and the Victoria Jones Choir.

1. It's The Fire - intro
2. Shadows In Our Sunshine
3. Love I Needed
4. It's The Fire
5. Redeemed By The Unseen
6. Wonder Why Story
7. Wonder Why
8. Satisfied
9. Dash's Singing Debut
10. Broken Man
11. It Won't Be Long
12. Oh Happy Day
13. Da Dashin Way - Outro
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