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JustMe & Cas Metah

JustMe & Cas Metah
Country:United States
Releases:[JustMe & Cas Metah Are Unemployed] [Scribbling Idiots present : JustMe & Cas Metah]
Info:The Scribbling Idiots introduce their founding members JustMe & Cas Metah with the first release from the label ESeye Music in 2004.

Justin Long is JustMe, who was born and raised in southern California. At twelve years of age he took up breakdancing. At thirteen he was deejaying local parties and writing his name in graffiti on any surface he could find. By the time he reached fifteen he was recording his own songs with an 8-second sampler and a Tascam 4-track and battling other young MCs at open-mics. After being part of the crew the SolSeekers during the People Watching album he joined the crew Scribbling Idiots. He released his debut the Brutally Honest EP in 2002.

Cas Metah
Taylor Hogle also known as Cas Metah started writing lyrics in 1995 and recording demo tapes in 1997. He has his own label called ESeye Music. As well as being co-founder of Scribbling Idiots and founder of Field Specialists (his hometown crew), Cas Metah is also an active member of the G-Force Alliance. His debut album Key Tah Life got released in 2002.

after their first album on ESeye Music in 2004 their sophomore album is released entitled "JustMe & Cas Metah Are Unemployed" in 2007.

Sources: MySpace Blog Cas Metah of Scribbling Idiots: JustMe & Cas Metah Are Unemployed, August 16th, 2007.

Photo of JustMe.

Release:JustMe & Cas Metah Are Unemployed
JustMe & Cas Metah Are Unemployed
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:ESeye Music
Info:The album is released on January 8th, 2008.

Beats by:
- Raddiculous: 1
- Re:Flex the Architect: 2
- MattmaN: 3, 7, 12
- Sundance: 4
- Commissioner Gordon: 5, 10
- Theory Hazit: 6
- Muneshine: 8
- Fab Da Eclectic: 9
- Vintage: 11

Cuts by:
- EF Cuttin: 1
- Sean P: 3

1. Yesterday And Long Ago
2. Super Microphonists
3. Garbage Disposal
4. Unemployed
5. Friendly Reminder - featuring Theory Hazit
6. Emo Coaster
7. Where's The Time? - featuring Mouf Warren
8. Show And Tell - featuring Wonder Brown
9. Let It Ride - featuring Ruffian
10. Close To Home
11. Just Tryin' To Live
12. Make A Way - featuring Elias
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Release:Scribbling Idiots present : JustMe & Cas Metah
Scribbling Idiots present : JustMe & Cas Metah
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:ESeye Music
Info:Production by JustMe, Mattman and Re:flex the Architect.

1. Meet ESeye
2. Buy my CD
3. For Christís sake
4. We to do - featuring Sintax the Terrific
5. Moneyluvinmusic - featuring CunninLynguists
6. Image of me
7. Crazy world
8. Pen a trait - featuring DJ DNA
9. Finalized - featuring Ruffian & Tara Kennedy
10. Imagination
11. Talk a good game
12. Bad weather - featuring Kaboose & Elias
13. Vacation - featuring Pigeon John
14. As you are - featuring Mike Mottie
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