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Country:United States
Info:Fireproof is EMc (Elmore McCoy Jr.), and GS (Javin Love) born, raised and still reside in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The creation of “Fireproof” is the culmination of events that began in early 2001.

EMc was performing at a release party where GS attended. Shortly after GS and EMc started working together. EMc and GS produced and recorded their solo albums. The 2 then decided to become a group and recorded a mix tape.

They began to develop their craft and recognize their potential to have an effect on the hip-hop world. From that point on they were known as the “Fireproof”.

The crew released their debut album From Rags To Riches on their own label Fireproof Music in 2005.

Release:Rags To Riches
Rags To Riches
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Fireproof Music LLC
Info:1. We Here
2. Baby Girl - featuring Rojay
3. Shake
4. Bedtime
5. II Nite - featuring Rojay
6. Hot
7. OneTime
8. Ballin
9. My Lady - featuring Rojay
10. Im Hood
11. Another Day - featuring Chase
12. Handz Up
13. Call 1
14. U Said - featuring Mr Philly and Rojay
15. Call 2
16. Street Talk
17. Change
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