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ABG (Adopted By Grace)

ABG (Adopted By Grace)
Country:United States
Releases:[Still I Rise] [Hell's Most Wanted]
Info:A.B.G. is a family quintet consisting of brothers Quick, Soljah, Snoopy Loc, Loco and cousin B.L. Their love of music began when they were still children starting with beating on pots and pans and doing whatever their instincts led them to do to make music.

“I remember my grandmother buying us a keyboard when we were little. It was real corny, but it was something to get us started and from there we just learned how to play and make beats. We fell in love with the music,” says Quick, the groups founder and who at 25 is the oldest member of the group.

Quick: “We listened mostly gospel music growing up, but my mom was a single parent and she wasn’t always around, and when she wasn’t, we would watch videos on BET and MTV. And we listened to the radio, you know! Things she wouldn’t normally allow us to listen to, but we listened anyway.

Our Music
We do all of our own beats. People that are from Tacoma, we call it the Tac, know that if you want to stay out of trouble, you stay at home. So we made good use of our time at home by practicing our music. My youngest brother Loco… God blessed him with the gift, honestly you can give him any instrument, and in about a month he’ll figure it out.”

That’s really how the group got started. Loco kept playing that old keyboard until he mastered it. In an interesting reversal from the norm of a rap groups evolution, ABG focused on the music long before they ever got into writing and reciting lyrics.

“We didn’t really start rapping and working together in a real way until after we met God. We got saved inn 1996. When that happened I asked myself; how can I tell my homeboys about God so that they’ll really listen to me? We had to figure out a way to reach these cats because they’re not listening to us when we just talk about Jesus.

My mother had remarried and my step father is a Pastor, so I knew about the ministry. I was eager to get out there and start my own ministry, I knew I had this love for music and I had my brothers and my cousin. It was at that point that we all got together and it was like… this is it! This is what we need to do and music is how we’ll do it. That’s how we really came together as a group with a common focus and a shared mission.” Quick recalls.

ABG released their debut album Hell's Most Wanted on Christsyde Records in 2002 as well as the sophomore record Still I Rise (2005).

Release:Still I Rise
Still I Rise
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Christsyde Records
Info:1. War Time
2. Oh Yeah!
3. Welcome
4. Whoa!
5. Last Days
6. Still I Rise
7. Ain't No Half Steppn
8. Smash
9. Dangerous Minds
10. Only God Can Judge Me
11. My Life
12. Hope
13. Someday
14. Visitation
15. Without You
16. Connecting Da Game
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Release:Hell's Most Wanted
Hell's Most Wanted
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Media:[Audio CD]
Released:2002 [ Listen to HHH from this era on Spotify ]
Recordlabel:Christsyde Records
Info:1. Intro
2. Here we come
3. Interlude
4. Giant Slayer
5. What people do 4 love
6. Demon Killa
7. I'll go
8. interlude
9. Mission of war
10. I don't deserve your love
11. letter to the homiez
12. True Love
13. Testimony
14. True Soldiers
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