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Country:United States
Info:Introducing Conflict, a west coast youth evangelist and gospel rap artist from Sacramento, California.

With such a name as Conflict, most people would assume the title represents violence or war. Well, the name means just that, only in a different context. In such a world as the one we live in, corrupted by lust, abuse, addiction and a lack of sexual integrity, Conflict stands to counterattack society's ideas of morality, with God's divine purpose for His creation.

With a burden for today's generation of young people, Conflict's vision is to "speak life right into the face of death, and stand as an ambassador of Jesus Christ, to reconcile a love- relationship between God and His creation." Coming from a gang-related past and his father's fatal overdose of heroin, Conflict speaks a common language to young people of the urban culture.

With top-notch production and a cutting-edge delivery, Conflict makes music of flavor, making you throw up your hands and scream on one tip, and verbally piercing your heart on the other. With lyrics of passion and poetry, He delivers God's truth to a generation that has been victimized by a lyrical disease of lies.

Dead Message
Secular hip-hop artists such as Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, Lil' Jon and the East Side Boyz and 50 Cent have all been bold enough to stand up and preach the dead message they proclaim as life.

So Conflict clashes in opposition to the world's pattern of life and message of death, without compromising the quality and clarity of his music. "Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind..." Romans 12:2

Stage appearance
Conflict has shared the stage with artists such as Stephanie "Stevie" Scott from American Idol 2006, PAX217, 4th Avenue Jones, L.A. Symphony, Pettidee, Verbs (Knowdaverbs), Enock (formerly of the Cross Movement), Pigeon John, Sackloth Fashion, Nifty Tom Fifty, and more.

He has also ministered and performed in such venues as Pelican Bay State Prison, Bridging The Gap convention, Spirit West Coast (side artist), and Crossover Community Church's Flavor Fest Convention.

Conflict has made musical guest appearences on 8+ albums and has released his debut album entitled, "Death Before Denial" on Crucial County Records in 2006.

Release:Death Before Denial
Death Before Denial
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Crucial County Records
Info:The album is released September 26th, 2006.

1. Knock That!
2. Death Before Denial
3. California Concrete
4. Majors
5. Crunk Slap PT.1
6. Crunk Slap PT.2
7. Not By Sight
8. Mobbulacious (Acapella)
9. Still I Rise
10. Feel Me
11. So Salty
12. Don't Get It Twisted (Acapella)
13. Stand
14. The Mobbulation
15. Not By Sight (Reprise)
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