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DJ D.vize

DJ D.vize
Country:United States
Info:DJ D.vize grew up in Newport Beach, California. He was mostly raised by his grandparents and he has been involved in music all his life: "I've played many different instruments and have been apart of my old high school marching and jazz band. I've always wanted to do something big in the music biz."

Dark Path
The DJ continues: "But like some people do, I started hanging around the wrong crowd and got involved in partying and drinking and into the drug scene. Soon I was headed down a dark path full of unkown and fear. I started with the light drugs like smoking pot, but soon accelerated far beyond that. By the time I was 14 I was already free basing cocaine. Needless to say I started off very young and in full effect. I ran away from home a bunch of times. Then I tried staying with my father in Utah. That didn't work out so I ran away to Florida, where my sister lived."

"By this time I'm 16 and didn't care about nothing, but getting high. I dropped out of high school and became a full time addict. I was introduced to the art form of DJing by a friend of mine who was a DJ. I would spend a lot of time at her house playing on the tables. I would always look at them and think to myself that I could do this stuff, it looked easy, since I knew that I had a musical history. I picked up the talent pretty easy and decided this is what I wanted to do. I practiced everyday, eventually got my own Technics SL 1200's and became pretty good. By then I started DJing in the local club scene in Ybor and down town Tampa."

He continues "So my life was just a bunch of endless parties, one after the other, that's the life of a club DJ. One night I was coming home from a gig and I was very drunk, not paying attention to what was going on a rearended someone doing about 40 mph. By the grace of God I was not hurt and didn't kill anybody. The person I hit just took off, so I know that His hand was involved in the whole thing. As I sat there with my car all banged up, I started thinking to myself what was really going on in my life. Getting into an accident will do that to a person. I decided that this life of mine had no real purpose and that I was going nowhere, but in an endless cycle of drugs, women, and more drugs. I finally decided to get sober."

"I got involved in a rehab program at my mother's church and gave my life to Jesus Christ. I finally realized that my life was completely empty without Him and I was just trying to fill it up with women and drugs, but nothing would ever satisfy."

Crossover Community Church
DJ D.vize says "By this time I was introduced to Urban D's Crossover Community Church, christian hip hop. Just that thought alone, I thought was wack! But that first night I went I was blown away at the idea that church could be like this. It was great!"

"At this time in my life I was still DJ-ing in the clubs and going to church at the same time, but that night I went to Crossover Community Church I made a decision to dedicate my talents soley for His name sake. At first I had to put the turntables away for awhile so I could get my heart in the right area, serving God, whole heartedly. After about 4 months the Lord brought it back into my life and I've been using it ever since to spread the good news."

The DJ now serves on the worship team of Crossover Church as one of their DJ's and he is a part of Urban D's organization Fla.vor Alliance. A local group of artists and ministers that travel the world spreading the truth of Christ to the hip hop culture. As D.vide says: "All in all Christ is the answer to everything you've ever needed or wanted. Loose your life for Him and make you a new creature."

In 2006 DJ D.vize released his first mixtape entitled "Still Waiting?!?" in a pressing of 500 copies. These were given away for free as the DJ states "The purpose of that mixtape was to introduce Christ to the main stream hip hop culture."

New Project
The DJ is currently working to extend his mixtape project for 2007.

Release:Still Waiting?!? Mixtape
Still Waiting?!? Mixtape
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Fla.vor Alliance
Info:The album was given away for free in a pressing of 500 copies.
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