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Country:United States
Releases:[Free : The Liberation Project] [No Better Life]
Info:This four man crew The Cruzaiders are:
- Judah (MC)
- Vizion (MC)
- Wizdom (MC/producer)
- Essential - formerly known as Zion (MC)
Their goal is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their local urban community areas, the United States and abroad through the medium of music and various forms of evangelism. In addition to maintaining a commitment to their local church youth ministries.

The Cruzaiders have ministered at various youth events, evangelistic outreaches, conferences etc. They have opened in concert for other holy hip hop ministries and artists such as The Cross Movement, Da TRUTH of Cross Movement Records, iROCC, even for rock bands like, Big Daddy Weave, Overflow and New Song.

The Cruzaiders cite the artists of the Cross Movement as having the most influence on the birth of their music. After witnessing a video from the Movement's House of Reps album, and hearing more of the music produced by the label, the Cruzaiders were inspired to spark their own movement and spread the Gospel message through hip hop operating in the Cross Movement tradition by placing emphasis on the need to reach hip hop culture.

Since 2000, the Cruzaiders have seen an ever growing need for the work that God has placed before them in their portion of the vineyard in this season of their lives. The group consists of two sets of brothers hailing from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina: The brothers Shannon and Gaillard.

Brian Shannon: Essential
The oldest member of the group, Essential - formerly known as Zion, works as a servant-leader in youth ministry in his local church, a school teacher and teen counselor. He has a heart to see youth saved and soled out to Christ, developing as true kingdom citizens. Essential made a personal commitment to Christ in 1995. Having been previously influenced by hip-hop culture growing up in the urban area of bed-stuy Brooklyn and eventually the project areas of Myrtle Beach. He became an aspiring solo artist in 1998. Ever since his change-over, which he credits his mother for having the greatest spiritual influence over, he has been representing the Lord Jesus Christ and his people with a desire to be a temple where God dwells.

Todd Shannon: Wizdom
Along with his older brother Zion, Wizdom works and serves as a counselor, mentor and teacher to the youth of his local church and community. As the original creator of most of the cruz-aiders music, Wizdom’s focus is to bring the wisdom of God to this generation as a solo artist and beat composer through his music.

Riqui Gaillard: Judah
Judah is a fervent warrior for the lord, with his name being based on the Biblical tribe of praise. He has been serving the lord since his high school years, eventually serving as a peer chaplain to the athletic department of his university. Judah’s desire, through his artistry, is to “let him be praised” Who? Christ!

Dell Gaillard: Vizion
As the youngest member of the group, Vizion brings energy and youthful vigor as an artist. Like his older brother Judah, he is a fervent, multi-talented, warrior of praise to the most high with a desire to see life through the eyes of God, because without a vision the people perish.

The crew released their debut album "No Better Life" on Cruzaiders Music as Cruz-Aiders in 2004. Their sophomore record is entitled "Free : The Liberation Project" released in February 2007.

Release:Free : The Liberation Project
Free : The Liberation Project
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Cruzaiders Music
Info:The album is released February 24th, 2007.
Production by Wizdom.
Recorded and mixed by Virgil Byrd for Platform Productions.

1. Intro: John 8:32 (The Free Project)
2. Shabach: psalm 47:1
3. Da culture: Matthew 28:19
4. Hey: Romans 8:14
5. Whos ya God: Exodus 20: 4,5
6. Exercise: James 2:26
7. Free: Galatians 5:1
8. Goin on: Mark 8:36
9. Truth hits: James 1:22-25
10. Break away: 2Corinthians 6:17
11. 'Bout God: Proverbs 3:6
12. Rap music: Psalm 150
13. Worship: John 4:23
14. Yes lord: James 4:7 - featuring Aimee
15. Press: Philippians 3:14
16. Conquerors: Romans 8:37
17. Stand up: Ephesians 6:13-14
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Release:No Better Life
No Better Life
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Cruzaiders Music
Info:1. NBL Intro
2. What?
3. 1 God
4. No Better Life
5. Never Seen
6. Luv Like Dis
7. Wizdom (interlude)
8. Wizdom (over Beethoven)
9. Da Hour
10. Life or Death?
11. End Tyme
12. Life (interlude)
13. Souljahs
14. We Ready
15. Saints Rise Up!
16. Thank You
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