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Gifted Da FlameThrowa

Gifted Da FlameThrowa
Country:United States
Info:One whom is called "Gifted" is a person that possesses great natural abilities. Born on the Westbank Of New Orleans in the Kennedy Heights subdivison Gifted began his career as an entertainer at the tender age of eight years old.

Talent Shows
From dancing to rapping Gifted has won many trophies and has been featured in many talent shows and major events such as Teen Summit and the Wyld talent show.

Coming up on the ruff streets of the Westbank is an automatic challenge but it is even more difficult being raised by a single mother. Gifted discovered he had the talent of rap in the third grade. From there everyday you could find him in the hallways or on the yard freestyling. At the age of 15

Gifted secured a deal with a promenant label in New Orleans called Take Fo records. From there Gifted moved on to Smoke 1 One records a label that achieved national success as the first label to do a joint venture with the powerhouse NoLimit records headed by Master P.

One night Gifted was involved in an altercation where guns were pulled and bullets began to erupt. Gifted jumped in front of a bullet that was meant for his brother and was shot in the face. This incident changed Gifted's out look on life.

Although he still was heavily in the streets Gifted began to attend church. From those steps, God has done a new thing. Gifted is now on a mission to change the face of hip hop. With God's word in his heart and Gifted's uncanny way with words the time for change is upon us.

The MC released his debut album "And So It Begins..." on Bound 4 Glory Records in 2007.

Release:And So It Begins...
And So It Begins...
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Bound 4 Glory Records
Info:The album is released on February 6th, 2007.

1. Dream (Intro)
2. 66 Ways
3. Dancing With The Devil - featuring Kimberly Gabriel
4. That's What I'm Talking Bout
5. Help Me
6. Gangsta
7. Baptize Me Again - featuring. TLJames
8. Yea Ya Right - featuring. Zeeda & Prozpera D
9. Penetration
10. Survivor - featuring. Govenor & TLJames
11. Aight - featuring. Terrion Veal
12. Standing Tall
13. B4G Clique Song - featuring. Zeeda & Prozpera D
14. Breakthru - Zeeda (Bonus Track)
15. Come To Church - Prozpera D featuring. Mister (Bonus Track)
16. Get On Ur Kneez - Yung Anointed featuring Prozpera D (Bonus Track)
Rating:Our users rated this release: 8 out of 10
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