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Country:United States
Releases:[Destined 4 Greatness] [Breakthru]
Info:Zeeda was raised in the Fisher Housing Projects on the Westbank of New Orleans. After rapping on the streets of the New Orleans and entering various talent shows Zeeda decided to take her rapping career seriously.

First Deal
In 1995 Zeeda secured a deal with the then prominant label Smoke 1 Records. The first label to do a joint venture with the power house NoLimit Records headed by Master P. Under Smoke 1 Records Zeeda released her debut album locally and sold over 10,000 units with limited promotion.

Press Coverage
"Murda Dog" magazine got wind of this female MC and invited her to feature on there compilation "Southern XXXposure" along with artist like Eightball & MJG, C-Loc, and Three-Six Mafia to name a few. From that feature "Murda Dog" magazine voted Zeeda as one of the top 10 female Mc's of all time along with platinum selling artist like Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, and MC Lyte.

Queen of the South
In New Orleans Zeeda was dubbed the "Queen of the South" by Wyld Wayne a DJ at Q93 FM New Orleans nr. 1 radio station.

In Demand
Zeeda has been sought after by the likes of Universal Records, Cash Money Records, Def Jam, Tommy Boy, and BadBoy Entertainment. Through the eyes of man it seemed Zeeda was nearing success, but in God's eyes she was failing drastically.

God Knocked
One night Zeeda attended the "Woman thou Art Loosed" conference hosted by Bishop T.D.Jakes. It was that night that God knocked on her heart. Zeeda went from stealing cars, to selling drugs, to going to prison 3 months pregnant, to forging checks to an abusive relationship, straight into the arms of God.

A Vow
Now Zeeda has made a vow to liberate HipHop. Zeeda takes the word of God and spits it with a "cajun spice" that any one with ears has to respect.

Zeeda was also voted as the Female Rap Artist of the Year at the 2006 Texas Holy HipHop Awards.

The femcee made her holy hip hop debut album with "Breakthru" on Bound 4 Glory Records in 2005. Her sophomore release "Destined 4 Greatness" is released on the same label in February 2007.

Release:Destined 4 Greatness
Destined 4 Greatness
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Bound 4 Glory Records
Info:The album is released in February 2007.

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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Bound 4 Glory Records
Info:1. Intro/prayer by 1st Lady Fran Love
2. My Time - featuring Gifted & Govenor
3. Thick of the Fog
4. The Kiss
5. A Cry for Help (Interlude)
6. That Ain't Love
7. Breakthru - featuring Bishop Lester Love
8. It's Real
9. Girl Talk (Interlude)
10. Get In Where You Fit in
11. My Grind - featuring Gifted
12. Let It Shine - featuring Anointed
13. Big God - Prozpera D featuring Zeeda
14. Outro/prayer by Johnetter Hall
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