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Prozpera D

Prozpera D
Country:United States
Info:Ricardo Paul currently resides at Houston, Texas is Prozpera"D". The MC released his debut album on Bound 4 Glory Records in February 2007.

The artist's name "Prozpera D" is pronounced as prosperity, but with a "D".

Born & Raised
Ricardo Paul Jr Prozpera"D" was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. Now living in Houston, Texas due to Hurricane Katrina.

Prozpera"D" made his debut appearance on Zeeda of Bound 4 Glory Records' album entitled "Breakthru" (2005) with the hit single "Big God".

Stage Experience
Prozpera"D" has shared the stage with performances and appearances by the likes of Big Mike, Lil Raskul, George Clinton, G. Mayes and Nuera, Pettidee, and Khul Rhema and Tre-9. From performing during a segment in the Texas Holy Hip Hop Awards Prozpera D's face and anointing became familiar at a very impressive rate. "To God Be the Glory" he replies to every compliment given.

Ricardo was saved at the age of sixteen. Ricardo and everyone around him begin to notice a change in his speech, the way he carried himself and all his day-to-day activities. Soon after he began to live a life that was pleasing to God, his younger brother Josh was saved also. His mother started to see the changes in him and began to change her life around. Over the next few years, one by one, his whole family gave their lives to Christ.

Gospel music became a strong part of his life. He believes that listening to artists such as Donnie McKlurkin and Yolanda Adams strengthened his faith on a daily basis. Constantly reading the bible is what kept him so strong during hard times. His creativeness through his artwork began to pour into music. He was always trying to find a way to express his faith in various forms.

Youth Ministry
Being involved in church was one of his strong points. He was a part of the youth ministry, one of the leaders for their singles ministry and also a minister in training. While being a deacon his love for souls was his only motivation. In this effort he began to try God in a different way. God said to prove him or try him and see if He will not come through that all things are possible.

So amazed by the talents residing within Zeeda and Gifted, Ricardo made a statement to God. He said: "God, if all things are possible, then I want to be able to rap. I want to minister to those christians who are listening to secular music. To give them an alternative to whats being played on the radio."

First Deal
Prozpera"D" landed a record deal with Bound 4 Glory Records owed and opporated by Manuel Mukes III formerly the CEO of Smoke One Records. Which was the first label to do a joint venture with the power house NoLimit Records headed by Master P.

In Demand
Prozpera"D" is now being sought by A&R Linda Pittman of Universal Records. Many other record labels, Major and independent, are now inquiring about this new artist. He's played on internet and on air radio stations around the globe such as www.vertical713.com krunk radio and www.wepraise.fm.

Prozpera"D" recorded and mixed his debut album, "Blood Bought" and also the entire albums of Zeeda's sophmore album entitled "Destined 4 Greatness" (2007), Gifted Da FlameThrowa's debut album, "And So It Begins..." (2007), Yung Anointed's debut album "Dynasty", christian comedian Pastor Unanointed's debut album, "Get It How U Live". He's now working (recording/writing) with Bound 4 Glory Records first gospel singer Mister.

Pencils and Computers
Not only does Prozpera"D" uses The Anointing through his pencil to write God's Word into song, but he also draws and designs graphics. He designes all of Bound 4 Glory Records graphics. From All of the Artists albumcovers and posters to T-shirts, post cards and company logos.

Prozpera "D" is now one of Bound 4 Glory Records premier artists. From guest appearances on Zeeda's album entitled "BreakThru" with the single "Big God" to his debut album release featuring the hit single "Come 2 Church".

Prozpera D released his debut album "Already Paid 4 : Blood Bought" on Bound 4 Glory Records in February 2007.

Already Paid 4 : Blood Bought
Already Paid 4 : Blood Bought
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Bound 4 Glory Records
Info:The album is released in February 2007.

1. Blood Bought - Intro
2. Come 2 Church - featuring Mister
3. Move
4. Everything Within Me - featuring Dean D
5. Gimme My...
6. Interlude - - featuring Pastor Unanointed
7. Add Anotha Grand - featuring Zeeda
8. Timeline - featuring WeezAy
9. ChurchBoi
10. Just Listen
11. How We Rollin' - featuring Govenor
12. Dey Don't Undastand
13. Push
14. Big God - featuring Zeeda
15. B4G Clique Song - featuring Zeeda and Gifted
16. Breakthru - Zeeda (Bonus Track)
17. 66 Ways - featuring Gifted Da FlameThrowa (Bonus Track)
18. Get On Ur Kneez - featuring Yung Anointed (Bonus Track)
Rating:Our users rated this release: 5 out of 10
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