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Country:United States
Info:The crew LouiSerlo from Killeen, Texas consists of B-Ski, Scoop, SirWiLZ and Sol Modest.

The MCs united back in the Summer of 2005. Sol Modest and B-Ski left to serve in Iraq for one year in the US Military. Scoop left to become a chaplain over juvenile sex offenders in Kansas, leaving SirWiLZ to cook up a game plan.

When the off year came to an end, Scoop felt called back to Texas and our soldiers returned home safe and sound. As SirWiLZ states: "We're back with a vengeance, networking with Holy Hip-Hop DJ of the year DJ D-Lite [Rapzilla Best of 2006 Awards: Best Radio DJ] and snagging productions from heavy-hitters, such as Tony Stone."

The MC continues: "A forthcoming group album can be expected within the next 12 months and will feature the likes of DeepSpace 5's Sivion and a few features yet to be disclosed."

The crew will be featured on DJ D-LITE's 3rd Coast Fiyah : The Heatwave Volume 2 : Redeemed (2007) and make frequent appearances on Holy Culture Radio (www.hcr.fm).

Photo by Isaac "The Dreaded Photo" Solomon: Sol Modest, SirWiLZ, B-Ski, Scoop (Left to right).

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