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Country:United States
Releases:[Jesus Saves] [Philadelphia Fellowship]
Info:Hans R. Nelson also known as HanSoul is a disciple with unshakable principles affirmed through Jesus Christ. The Philadelphia native hit the scene in 1991, with the hitsingle "Imagination" that went to the top 10 on Billboard's rap charts. Hans was the second rap artist signed to Epic/Sony records in 1991. And also did a stint with Loud/RCA records in 1994.

Abundant amounts of exposure and success could not stop HanSoul's pain, depression, drug usage and confusion. HanSoul redeemed his career in the hip-hop industry in 1995. During HanSoul's darkest days he pleaded with Christ to deliver him from the things that ensnared him.

Christ answered his prayer by convincing him to surrender and rededicate Himslf and to use his gifts to win souls for The Kingdom of God. Now as a born-again christian, HanSoul is living his second life in the world of arts and music.

HanSoul, created a ministry radio show called The Holy Hip-Hop Experience on 103.9 FM The Beat in Philadelphia. This prime time radio show aired on Sundays from 9:50 pm-12am. HanSoul ministered through different mediums of music including rap, reggae, R&B, go-go, while interviewing entertainers, pastors, actors, athletes and political figures.

Hans believes: "With Jesus Christ as my creative director, my talent is capable of radiating throughout the music I create as well as the radio show I host."

Mix Show
HanSoul and partner DJ Official of the grammy nominated group Crossmovement also do a Urban Gospel Speciality Mix Show for Sirius Sattelite Praise 54.

In 2002, HanSoul and the Tribe of Judah released the successful and critically acclaimed album "New Jerusalem" on their own label Fishermen Entertainment, Inc. distributed by Orpheus/EMI.

The single "Father Forgive Me", reached the top of the gospel charts next to Kirk Franklin, Yolanda Adams and Mary Mary.

In addition, HanSoul and the Tribe of Judahs video Fishermen For Life is receiving heavy rotation on BET, MBC, JCTV, INSP, I-Life TV and The Word Network.

Debut Album
In 2004, HanSoul released his solo album Philadelphia Fellowship.

Holywood Records
The same year, he launched Holywood Records. Both projects aim to reclaim Hollywood for the Kingdom of God.

Hans mission has caught the attention of televisions shows such as Visions, Good Day Philadelphia and cable networks NBC 10, BET, and Trinity Broadcast Network 9Praise The Lord Show) which have all featured Hans.

He is also featured heavily in the worldwide Maverick Entertainment movie "Holy Hip Hop - The Movie" directed by rap pioneer Christopher "Play" Martin, which was released in february 2006.

Hans is currently enrolled at Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Philadelphia and completing his Masters of Divinity/Masters of Business Administration degree. He currently resides in Philadelphia with his lovely wife Amana and their daughter Taylor

As a believer Hans has ministered before hundred of thousands and has ministered on stage with Fred Hammond, Mary Mary, Dorthy Norwood, Tye Tribbett, Crossmovement, Da T.R.U.T.H., Marvin Sap, Woody Rock, Lisa Mclendon, John P. Kee, Donnie Mclurkin, and several other artists in Gospel and Christian music.

New Label
On May 3rd, 2005 HanSoul was signed by Mathew Knowles' Music World Entertainment/Sanctuary Urban Records Group label. HanSoul was the first rap artist on their gospel roster. This partnership did not blossom, may be due to problems at the label. The company is restructured in 2006.

New Project
Hansoul's new album "Jesus Saves" is released through his own label the Fishermen Media Group in 2007.

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Release:Jesus Saves
Jesus Saves
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Media:[Audio CD] [Digital Download]
Recordlabel:Fishermen Media Group
Info:The album is released on December 26th, 2007.

1. Freedom's Song
2. Jesus I'm Grateful
3. Say It Again
4. Jesus Jesus I Need You
5. I'd Rather Have Jesus
6. Amanas Song
7. Preach Jesus Interlude
8. Preach Jesus
9. A Tribute to My Pop
10. Anti Abortion
11. Jesus Never Fails
12. Heaven Wouldn't Be the Same
13. It's Like Jesus
14. The Reason Why
15. The Cross
16. Pastors Pimps
17. Jesus I'm Grateful Remix
18. Jesus Saves
19. Social Issues
20. Wow
21. I Love You Jesus
22. No Compromise
23. Shadows
24. Sea of Forgetfulness
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Release:Philadelphia Fellowship
Philadelphia Fellowship
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:1. Chariots of Fire
2. Philadelphia Fellowship
3. Joy
4. Live at Harleysville, Pt. 1
5. Jesus Music
6. Left Behind
7. Ghetto Hymns
8. Talk Break
9. Young Girl
10. Heavenly Father (Neo Soul Mix)
11. Radio Interview
12. Rock the House
13. You Know
14. Ladies
15. Live at Harleysville, Pt. 2
16. Art of Holy Hip Hop
17. Top of the Noggin
18. Live at Harleysville, Pt. 2
19. Father Forgive Me (Chreo Soul Mix)
20. Word for the Week
21. Heavenly Father (Neo Club Mix)
22. I Need Your Mercy - featuring Clay Brigade
23. Thank You Heavenly Father (Instrumental)
24. Chariots of Fire (Instrumental)
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