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Country:United States
Info:Chris Sanchez is CRS. He is currently a worship leader & youth worker at his church, Victory Outreach Houston, under Pastor Ernie Lopez.

Bible Study
In 2001, CRS studied at the Victory Outreach “Urban Training Center” in Bridgeport, Connecticut where he was immersed in Bible study, personal development and hands-on ministry training.

In 2003, CRS appeared on the Much Luvv Records compilation: “Slow Lane Chronicles” chopped and screwed by Paul Wall with his song “stormz” featuring BLESS’t.
In 2002, he appeared on a compilation CD from Dale Eugene Records called "New Voices" featuring the song “Lord Forgive Me” by BLESS't, AZA and CRS.
The MC can also be found on "The PHF Compilation : 7 Times I Fall" (2007).

His debut album "No Holding Back" was released on PHF Productions in 2006. The first record of the label.

Release:No Holding Back
No Holding Back
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:PHF Productions
Info:1. No Holding Back
2. Save A Thug
3. Feel Tha Beat - featuring Enock
4. More In My Life
5. Stormz - featuring BLESS't
6. Dear Father
7. Out Of Control
8. Pastor Ernie Lopez - interlude
9. Runnin' - featuring Chosen
10. All I Want Is More Of You
11. Stormz (piano)
12. Altar Call
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