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Mike Real

Mike Real
Country:United States
Info:Michael Hollis residing in St. Louis, Missouri is Mike Real. He came to Christ in 2001. With that love came the fellowship of other youths in the "faith."

Mike Real encountered the typical self evalution of his walk as a young believer in Christ. He definitely felt he found compromising acts and areas of growth in his character.

Mike Real was were many young believers have found themselves. He had a gift; he had a healthy upbringing, yet still found himself uncommitted to the biblical teachings that came his way.

After Graduating highschool Mike was faced with looking at his life. He heeded the tug of the Lord's Love and sacrifice compeling him to get his heavenly inheritance.

Mike loved rapping. He started in his freshman year of high school. He came across fellow St. Louisans and peers, now Cross Movement recording artists, Flame and J.R. and was encouraged that rap had a place among the body of Christ. Mike was greatly inspired to lay his gift of Rapping before the Almight Son of God, Christ Jesus.

He has been an highlight on Jeremiah "KRy" Jackson's "My HOPE! Tour." He has also been the traveling host and MC on Antha "REdNOTE" Rodgers "SCOUT LAW" Tour. He has graced the stage with some of the most talented and faithful up coming Christian Artist such as Lea, Rio, REdNOTE, KRy, and he most recently performed as the opening act for up and comers "Heaven
Sent Souljaz."

Debut Recording
The MC has released an EP prior to his full length debut "The Solid Foundation LP" (2007).

Now with years of obedience and submission under his belt and still going, Mike Real has been grant the honor of sharing his gift, life, and faith with the near and the far. His signing with Wide Range Music in 2007 has him ready to present his debut album entitled "The Solid Foundation LP."

Release:The Solid Foundation LP
The Solid Foundation LP
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Wide Range Music
Info:The album is released on March 27th, 2007.
Production by Wide Range Music, Brotha John, Rio, DJ WanablesU, and b.u.M.M.
Guest appearances by Rio, LeBeau, Fish.AMEN
REdNOTE, and Band Of Brothers.

1. Attention Please
2. Stand Firm
3. Spit The Gospel Out
4. Won't Like Me
5. Let U Go
6. Thanksgivings
7. Forget That
8. The Worship Anthem
9. A Quarter Till
10. P.U.S.H.
11. Fight
12. You Ain't Gotta
13. On My Side
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