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Eddie Hollywood

Eddie Hollywood
Country:United States
Info:Born as Edward Cortez Hines Jr. but, officially known in the hood and, in any of the well-known hip hop Establishments in Atlanta, Georgia as Eddie Hollywood.

Eddie Hollywood has always had a special affinity for music, the church and understandably, hip-hop. He's actually been rhyming since age of ten years old. Eddie Hollywood loves to proclaim that he is the eldest male child and as well, the third eldest of eight children.

Role Model
His strongest desire however, has always been to be a good strong role model and mentor to his younger brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews but, had many-a-war to battle and conquer in order to accomplish this great feat.

These days, Eddie Hollywood is proud to say that not only does he have their full attention and respect [now] but, he also states that, it is a huge honor: "This is something that I feel that I was called to do anyway -win 'dem young souls for the Lord - fa' sho... 'specially now, since I know that I came strait outta the lion's den!"

Godly Standards
The fact is, Eddie Hollywood did have a spiritual up-bringing but, hadn't always lived up to those Godly standards. He enjoyed playing football, he was an excellent quarterback, reading, writing and spitting rhymes, and sometimes his dad would even hire him to work for him as a car detailer on the weekends.

Easy Money
Yet, somehow, around about the 9th grade, something went drastically wrong. It was as if satan whispered into Eddie Hollywood's ear and told him that fast, easy money was the key to success therefore, lusting after the thug life became his idol.

And, although Eddie Hollywood did successfully graduate from Riverdale High School In Jonesboro, Georgia, with good grades, by graduation he had already spent time in prison. Eddie Hollywood soon after decided that there was little or no hope for a better life and, pursued a career as the neighborhood dope boy to gain notoriety, respect and recognition.

He then, left Mt. Carmel Church where his family had been members for years and came to the conclusion that, "this church thing just ain't for me." After learning what he'd thought to be all the tricks of the trade and, doing at least four short more bids in prison,

God Got My Back
Eddie Hollywood soon realized that although he may have turned his back on the Lord, God had certainly never turned His back on him. By age 22, he was facing a ten year sentence for felony charges of drugs and weapon possession, violation of probation and, a few other misdemeanor charges. Edward Hines also known as Boo-Man (drug dealing name) also known as Eddie Hollywood (stage name) was level to the ground.

Die in Sins
He had to make up in his mind that, either he was going to quickly find his way back to God or, simply die in his sins and, the air was getting pretty thin. One Wednesday evening, miraculously the same week of another yet, final arrest, his father invited him to Divine Faith Ministries International (South) where the Pastors are Donald and Gwen Battle, which are now his esteemed Pastors as well,

Spirit Awaking
Eddie Hollywood being so moved during this spirit awaking and soul stirring service, re-dedicated his life to his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and, joined Divine Faith Ministries International that very evening.

Audio and Video
Immediately after, he also felt led to join a couple of auxiliaries - the Audio and Video Production Ministries. While serving God and never missing a service he was able to receive revelation of the truths that, the gifts in which God has blessed him with are without repentance, but must be used to glorify the King.

Thus, receiving a new anointing to minister in Hip-Hop music in less than a year and, also deriving from this new inspiration as well, comes a mandate to gather in as many youth as possible and lead them to the greatest light there is, Jesus Christ.

Unconditional Love
For Eddie Hollywood knows that in Him there is life in abundance, and without Him there are no musical talents, no power to see lives changed and, no real unconditional love.

The MC released "Straight Out Da Lion's Den" in June 2006. Eddie Hollywood is currently working on a new project.

Release:Straight Out Da Lion's Den
Straight Out Da Lion's Den
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:The album is released on June 20th, 2006.

1. Intro
2. God Got My Back
3. Crank The Church Up
4. Pray
5. Keep On Keepin On
6. Changed Man
7. Crunk Church Music
8. Stepped in Da Church
9. The Word
10. Taken Off
11. Stop The Fight
12. Straight Out Da Lion's Den
13. My God's The Releast
14. I'm A Superstar
15. Are You A Thug?
16. Thugged Out Fa Christ
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