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Drop Sci. Giants

Country:United States
Info:Drop Sci. Giants are:
- Mellow Drum Addict
- reSEARCH (Poetic Chaos & Shadowfacts crew)
- Microphone Astronaut (Insomniaddicts & Knownauts)
- Common Child
- DJ Shorttop
The most recent addition is the rapper Common Child and DJ Shorttop in June 2007.

On February 2, 2007 Mellow Drum Addict announces he forms the duo Drop Sci. Giants with Braden, also known as Spells. About the crew Mellow Drum Addict says: "I had always wanted to form a group and not have to do projects on the solo tip. I just put out Strides Ahead Of Tha Half Step (2007), and I finally met another brother who is cool, and can actually rhyme."

Mellow Drum Addict introduced his crew the Drop Sci. Giants and it's line up through MySpace on Friday, April 20th, 2007. The Drop Sci. Giants are Mellow Drum Addict, reSEARCH of Poetic Chaos and the Shadowfacts crew, and Microphone Astronaut of the crew Insomniaddicts and Knownauts fame.

On June 6th, 2007 reSEARCH announced an upcoming album, that will be released on the label "End Of Earth Records".

If the crew is (still) active is not certain.

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