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Country:United States
Info:The duo Cho'Zyn from St. Louis, Missouri consists of Tanisha Renae Amado Foxworth, also known as Trubble, and Dawndia Kashan Chunn-Crump.

Cho'Zyn, two ladies on fire for the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, are determined to take it (The Gospel) to the streets. The two femcees, Tanisha Renae Amado Foxworth and Dawndia Kashan Chunn-Crump became best friends at the ages of 15 and 16.

Although Dawndia began rapping at age 7, at age 15, it was brought to her attention that she could also sing. She enjoyed majoring in dance throughout her entire high school career at Central Visual Performing Arts High. Tanisha on the other hand began rapping at age 8, and at age 12 ventured off to storm the city of St. Louis with the "Shades of Ebony" dance group. Also at age 16 she was known all across the airwaves of Saint Louis hottest FM station, Majic 108 (now known as 100.3 the beat).

This is where God began his perfect work in this friendship which, later spiraled into a Ministry. The ladies started off as a secular group called the Lyrikal Lovelyz. They raved ASCAP and all of New Yorks hottest record companies, almost landing a deal with Motown/Universal. But, no matter how hard they tried or how close they got to landing a major record deal, the struggle remained continuous.

At age nineteen Dawndia was led to separate herself unto a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. She knew she had to get focused, which required removing herself from some friendships, one of them being the friendship between her and her best friend, Tanisha.

Sounds as if things should have gone down hill from there, but they didn't! A year later, Tanisha called Dawndia and informed her that she too had begun to develop a relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. This sounded too good to be true! Dawndia was in disbelief. But, as Tanisha continuously displayed the love of God by calling and writing, Dawndia had no choice but to recognize the Christ in Tanisha.

From that point, it's been on and popping. The two rebuilt their friendship by becoming best friends again and getting back in the game together, now tighter than ever.

They then rekindled their common bond in music and began the Holy Hip Hop group Cho'Zyn. Their mission is to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the streets, through Holy Hip Hop, to communicate to the people who embrace the hip hop culture.

These ladies are more than just a triple threat. Yes, they sing, dance, and rhyme, but on top of all that, they spit the gospel at any expense. Their unique style exhibits a melodic blend of pop, rock, hip-hop, and R&B.

Photo: Trubble (left), and Dawndia (right).

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