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Reason, Tha

Reason, Tha
Country:United States
Info:Juan Torres, also known as Tha Reason, was born and raised in East New York, Brooklyn. That specific area in Brooklyn has been known to be notorious for drug dealing and gang violence. As a by-product of his surroundings, Juan was destined to be a statistic in society.

Personal Relationship
Although he was brought up in a christian home, Juan never developed a personal relationship with the Lord. After losing his father to the AIDS virus, he slowly began to fall into the traps set forth by the enemy. Consequently, he turned to the streets to fill a void he had in his life throughout his teenage years. He soon became consumed with the street life and began stealing and selling drugs up to the age of 18.

Juan had in fact become a statisticleading up to an arrest that changed his life forever. God made Himself strong in Juans weakness making a way for him to surrender his life to the Lord. Since then Juan has devoted his life to Jesus Christ. Feeling lead to separate himself for God, Juan spent some time in Philadelphia for 3 months.

After returning home in 2002 he had a new passion, which was reaching young people through holy hip-hop. Two years into his ministry he met a holy hip-hop minister named Justified And Zealous. (JAZ of the group A.D.F.). They soon developed a friendship which led to an opportunity for Juan to expand his ministry and begin recording and distributing music.

The MC released his first full length album "The Voice Of Reason" in March 2007.

Release:The Voice Of Reason
The Voice Of Reason
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Zealous Productions
Info:The album is released March 31st, 2007.

1. Intro
2. The Voice of Reason
3. More Than Just Music
4. I Ain't
5. Relax
6. Where They Go?
7. Dreaming
8. Rosco The Hustla...interlude
9. Give it Up - featuring Justified And Zealous (JAZ)
10. I Won't Quit
11. You Deserve the Best - featuring Alena Trimiar
12. Doin My Thing
13. Power - featuring T.D.R. Herbet
14. The King's Banner - featuring Switch'd
15. I Miss You - featuring 3D Remedy
16. Set Me Free - featuring Laurie Holder
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