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Country:United States
Releases:[Street Sensation] [The New School Testament]
Info:Chris Lang is Trip-C, who released his sophomore album "Street Sensation" in 2007.

Born and raised on the streets of Compton California, a highly decorated gang member and street pharmacist, already an up and coming talent in the underground rap community. Chris's long time friend the late Johnny Burns also known as Mr. Mausberg was inspired by Chris to follow his dreams as a reality rap artist, Mausberg was killed in the summer of 2000.

Summer of 1997
Chris Lang's life would forever be changed during the summer of 1997. This transformation will forever be remembered as the new birth of "Trip C" (Chris Crazy for Christ). With the renewing of his heart, mind, and spirit, Trip C has fully launched himself in the use and the perfecting his gift by bringing the word of God to the streets from hence he came, through the medium of rap.

Vowing to never again write lyrics that kill, but create lyrics that up lift and wins souls for the true and living God. Trip C states "for we are not chosen by the Lord to be entertainers, but vessels used according to his will and purpose".

Searching for answers, looking to fill a void, and a desire to quench his thirst for knowledge, Trip C began a migration southward. Through the direction of the Holy Spirit, Trip C found himself in Oceanside, California under the leadership and direction of Dr.'s Clarence & Josephine Crayton, Faith Temple Christian Center.

Collaborating with Grapetree recording artist CROW, on his release "The Method of Attack" (2001), Trip C's hunger to minister the Word, and obedience to the Holy Spirit has grown into a roaring fire.

Trip C has launched his own independent Gospel Label, "All for Jesus" Records (AFJ), on which his debut project, "The New School Testament" is released. The MC released his sophomore album "Street Sensation" on Shepherd City Records in 2007.

Release:Street Sensation
Street Sensation
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Shepherd City Records
Info:The album is released in July 2007.

1. Time to get down
2. Guess who's back
3. Keep it bumpin'
4. Front-liner
5. Interview I
6. I'm real
7. I'm real part 2
8. Tales of a soldier
9. Pace to pace
10. Can't keep trippin
11. Grounded
12. Interview 2
13. Press on
14. Revelation
15. Outro
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Release:The New School Testament
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:All For Jesus Records
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