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Country:United States
Info:Eric 'Oldhead' Davis resides in Nashville, Tennessee: My music is influential and most importantly inspired by God. It has endless possibilities.

Eric Davis predestined with a calling to change the scope of hip hop and the lives of many. Eric Davis also known as Oldhead is taking on the music industry by storm. Being gifted with the ability to present Christ with a universal feel that touches kids, teenagers and adults alike, Oldhead is in a league of his own; divinely called to be separate, but not equal for a larger cause to save lives and lead people back to Christ.

Rejuvenated Mindz Ministries
Presently, Eric is the CEO of Rejuvenated Mindz Ministries, a christian-based outreach organization where the mission is turning the hearts of men back toward God. We are living in a society were violence is at an all time high. In today's society, doing right and living right is considered wrong, and living wrong and doing wrong is considered right. Women are taught to decrease their moral values to be accepted in today's society. Young people drop out of school to sell drugs because good job opportunities are not available to them and proper guidance is not being displayed by parents in their homes. Ever since the day God's Love consumed me, I could not stand to see a generation left for dead and dying when there is life to give them, explains Eric.

Hip Hop
While living in Cleveland, Tennessee at the age of 16, Eric's desire for hip hop began in the basement of his close friend, , who was also an artist named Leftova?s. My uncle Ben influenced me to get into music and from there Leftova's and I started rapping. It seemed like hip hop had this truth that my soul hungered for and I just wanted to be apart of telling the truth to people. I love everything about music, the art, the video's, the rhymes, the culture, the people and the influence that rap music had, says Oldhead.

Originally influenced by 2 Pac, Eightball and MJG, Outkast, Goodie Mob, P.A., The Dungeon Family, Nas and Jay-Z, Eric begin to create his own sound. Currently his influences have expanded to include Kirk Franklin, Cece Winans, and Ahmad and 4th Avenue Jones. Eric states, My music is God focused, soulful, truthful, passionate, heartfelt, and real. It is the music that God has given me and it has no boundaries and no limitations.

National Exposure
In 1999 MTV and Loud Records hosted a worldwide talent contest during MTV?s Hip-Hop week. The song "Why Test," submitted by Oldhead's group, then named "Rejuvenated Mindz", was picked as one of the 32 finalists out of more than 600 entrants. While the group did not acquire a contract with Loud Records, this provided them with their first national exposure.

Eventually Eric broke away into his own ministry where he has toured with Phil Driscoll, a Grammy Award winning artist and trumpet player, who has played for five U.S. Presidents, and who is one of the original members of the legendary rock group Blood, Sweat & Tears.

Oldhead has worked with several mix tape DJ's such as DJ Maj, DJ Morphiziz and DJ Lace and was featured on numerous mix tapes with Kirk Franklin, Beyonce, 50 Cent,Twista, Rick Ross, Paul Wall, Lupe Fiasco, Busta Rhymes and Game.

He has also performed at the Holy Hip Hop Awards with other Artist such as Mase, Kurtis Blow and Canton Jones.

The MC released the album "The Movement Has Begun" on Walk That Talk Entertainment in 2007.

Release:The Movement Has Begun
The Movement Has Begun
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Walk That Talk Entertainment
Info:Production by OldHead, Snipe, T-Dogg, Darcy Stewart, Walter Grier, Pro, Yodi, Pat The Producer, Doc Watson.
Graphic design by Ebb Tight Pro.
Photography by Star.
This album is dedicated to: Charlotte George, and in memory of Wadie Davis, Mary Davis & Clarissa Robinson also known as Baby Sister.

1. What It Is (radio)
2. Dope Boy Fresh (mixtape ver)
3. Not Ashamed - featuring Midnyte Sun
4. Cashville
5. Changed Man - featuring Joint Heirs & Andale
6. Dope Boy Fresh (original)
7. Go - featuring T-Dogg & Verbs
8. ATL Georgia
9. Acapella
10. Teacher - featuring Jamie Driscoll
11. Slaves - featuring Pro
12. Somebody Loves You
13. Come To Me
14. They Don't Know - featuring Adrian, Left Ova's & Out-Of-Range
15. Train - featuring Left Ova's
16. Need To Know - featuring CJ & Gates
17. Dope Boy Fresh (808 version)
18. Promo
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