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DJ XDC & DJ Primo

Country:United States
Info:DJ XDC also known as JustParadox compiled the Much Luvv mixtape released in August 2007.

DJ Primo is from Mexico, but now resides in Houston, Texas. He made several mixtapes. For the Much Luvv mixtape (2007) he Chopped & Screwed several tracks.

Release:Much Luvv : Then... & Now! (mixtape)
Much Luvv : Then... & Now! (mixtape)
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Media:[Digital Download]
Recordlabel:Much Luvv Records
Info:The mixtape is released on August 3rd, 2007 as a free dowload. The mixtape is compiled by DJ XDC presenting Much Luvv Records - Now & Then
Mixtape with Chopped & Screwed tracks by DJ Primo.

1. Tre-9 featuring Lil Keke & Big Pokey - Suburbs (remix)
2. SOM featuring Icece - You don't know me like that
3. Icece - Streetz keep callin
4. Cy - Stand up
5. The Much Luvv Fam - Good news music
6. Tre-9 featuring Icece & Von Won - Won't stop
7. SOM featuring. Tre-9 & Cy - What you know (Screwed & chopped by DJ Primo)
8. Icece - I'm so throwed (Screwed & chopped by DJ Primo)
9. Cy - The ring leader
10. The Much Luvv fam - Thisishowwedoit
11. Tre-9 - Take a look at my life (Screwed & chopped by DJ Primo)
12. SOM featuring Tre-9 - The takeover (Screwed & chopped by DJ Primo)
13. Tre-9 - Won't stop featuring Icece & Von Won (Screwed & chopped by DJ Primo)
14. Icece - What it do (Screwed & chopped by DJ Primo)
15. Cy featuring J-Silas & R-Swift - Circus tour (Screwed & chopped by DJ Primo)
16. Tre-9 featuring Lil Keke & Big Pokey - suburbs (remix) (Screwed & chopped by DJ Primo)
17. SOM featuring Icece - you don't know me like that (Screwed & chopped by DJ Primo)
18. Tre-9 - right or wrong (Screwed & chopped by DJ Primo)
19. Icece - represent that dirty south (Screwed & chopped by DJ Primo)
20. Tre-9 featuring Von Won & B.B. Jay - Rise to the top (Screwed & chopped by DJ Primo)
21. The Much Luvv fam - Good news music (Screwed & chopped by DJ Primo)
22. Tre-9 featuring Shei Atkins & SOM - Bob yo head (Screwed & chopped by DJ Primo)
23. SOM - givin Much Luvv back (Screwed & chopped by DJ Primo)
24. Tre-9 featuring Colcutz & A-Ron - Put ya hands up (Screwed & chopped by DJ Primo)
25. Icece - Streetz keep callin (Screwed & chopped by DJ Primo)
26. Tre-9 featuring Von Won & Ras - Moving up to the suburbs (Screwed & chopped by DJ Primo)
27. Enock featuring Sev Statik - If it aint so (DJ Aslan remix)
28. Tre-9 - Ee holdin down (Exclusive)
29. Cy featuring Tre-9 - Bring the bang (Throwback joint)
30. Enock featuring Cy, Mark J., Tre-9 & colcutz - next up (Throwback joint)
31. Tre-9 - Ee hot now (Exclusive)
32. Mark J. - National anthem (Throwback joint)
33. Cy - Confession invasion (Throwback joint)
34. Tre-9 featuring colcutz - hippocrit (Throwback joint)
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