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Recon, The

Recon, The
Aliases:This artist is (or was) also known as: [High Tech]
Country:United States
Info:Jason High started out as a drummer in school, and had his first taste of drum machine programming with the Alesis HR-16b.

Michael Peace
He recalls seeing Michael Peace's name on the program for Atlanta Fest in 1988. "I remember asking somebody who that was and they said, 'I think it's like, a Christian rapper or something'", he recalls. "I figured that was going to be pretty terrible, because I already had Stephen Wiley's 'Rappin for Jesus' (1986) and it didn't compare to the Run DMC and Beastie Boys I was into at the time.

So I made plans to go take a shower. This was when Atlanta Fest was at the race track and everybody camped out, instead of having it at Six Flags. I was on my way with my towel on my shoulder, and when I heard him on stage I flipped out." On that same trip, he got ahold of P.I.D.'s "Here We Are" and was hooked. By the time SFC hit the scene, he actually knew what it was like to anticipate a Christian hip-hop album. "I read about SFC in NOTeBORED magazine, and couldn't wait".

When the high school drumline had sweatshirts made, he was donned with the name "High Tech" due to his last name, aspirations to attend Georgia Tech, and his reputation as a bit of a McGuyver.

The Pride
After high school, he got ahold of turntables and a Roland S-1 sampler and put together a little EP. About that time, he met up with Sintax the Terrific and soulHeir the manCHILD at an open mic in Atlanta. From that point, he joined the Pride, and they pooled their resources to get an MPC and start recording tracks. Not wanting to be the only member of the group without a two-part name, he added "the Recon".

Recon's tracks have appeared on:
- The Pride: Common Knowledge (1997)
- The Pride: Something IV Nothing (1997)
- The Pride: On Def Ears (2001)
- Various: Urban Soldiers 3 (2001)
- Deepspace5: EP (1998)
- Mark J: City of Pain (2003)
- Mark J: Concept after Concept (1999)
- Various: Sound of the Rebirth (1998)
And he has recorded or mixed for:
- Mars ILL: Raw Material (2001)
- Sintax the Terrific: Simple Moves (2003)

He has played drums and guitar in church for 15 years, as well as run sound & camera, edit video, and teach youth group classes along the way. He played drums in a band called Crossword Junkies (later Fabrik) in 2002 and 2003.

Having worked a number of years in engineering after graduating from Georgia Tech in 1999, Jason has returned to his hometown of Albany, Georgia, and is seeking a Bachelor of Music Education degree with intentions of becoming a high school band director. He has been married to Fonta for the past 8 years, and has two twin daughters due in mid-september of 2007.

Jason High started a special project, a mixtape only containing classic christian hip hop tracks. The album is released in 2007.

Release:The Old School Holy Hip-Hop Mixtape : Lesson 1
The Old School Holy Hip-Hop Mixtape : Lesson 1
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Media:[Digital Download]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:The mixtape is released on November 2nd, 2007.

1. Intro 1
2. Intro 2
3. Bible break - Stephen Wiley
4. Get you a bible - PID.
5. invasion of jesus - I.D.O.L. King
6. Christ - J.C. & the Boyz
7. Rock your world - Michael Peace
8. Here we are - PID
9. Conviction - J.C. & the Boyz
10. Solid rock crew - Michael Peace
11. Transformed - SFC.
12. J.e.s.u.s. - Michael Peace
13. Dope dealer - SFC
14. Lemme see your fruit - PID
15. What is his name? - PID
16. You are worthy - SFC
17. When I strut - D-Boy
18. Fanatic - J.C. & the Boyz
19. Rappin? for Jesus - Stephen Wiley
20. Blue sky lies - Freedom of Soul
21. Drugs - SFC
22. Just say no - PID
23. It?s a disease - D-Boy
24. I?m fed up - Michael Peace
25. Ain?t no stoppin? - SFC
26. Freedom of Soul - Freedom of Soul
27. The real thing - Dynamic Twins
28. Old school - E-Roc
29. It?s on you - Freedom of Soul
30. life - J.C. & the Boyz
31. Persuaded - Dynamic Twins
32. I.D.O.L. King go - I.D.O.L. King
33. Don?t tell me - Michael Peace
34. Why i rap - Stephen Wiley
35. G.O.D.S. posse in effect - D-Boy
36. Mission - Dynamic Twins
37. The boy don?t play - D-Boy
38. Mr. brain - SFC
39. Drop the mic - D-Boy
40. I caught the mic - MC Ge Gee
41. It?s like that - SFC
42. I ain?t wit it - Dynamic Twins
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