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Tena Jones

Tena Jones
Country:United States
Info:Tena Jones hailing from, Little Rock, Arkansas, and now residing in Long beach, California, is member of the band 4th Avenue Jones as a singer and femcee.

Tena's musical interests were heavily influenced by gospel music and her mother, who was a gifted songstress. Tena sang in the choir, at talent shows, weddings, funerals, malls; anywhere she could get the opportunity to perform, even if it meant no audience would be there. Her powerful voice soars in every chord she sings and in every lyric she rhymes.

She provides a southern hospitality style of soul to her music. With accomplishments under her belt such as singing with Stevie Wonder, doing the backing vocals on 2Pac's "Letter to my unborn child" (Until The End Of Time, 2001), and more, Tena humbly awaits to share her God-given gifts with the world.

Tena Jones is member of the band 4th Avenue Jones. This means her experience range from releasing 5 albums to extensive touring in the United States and abroad. 4th Avenue Jones is founded by her husband Ahmed Jones. The band states: "Tena is the double threat. She can sing and rap with conviction. She is sensitive and caring, the definition of a true sister, with a strong and unselfish spirit. She wears the hat of a band member, wife, and a mother with pride."

Musical styles
Besides singing, she's a femcee, making her the ultimate artist to combine R&B, hip hop and soul on her first solo project.

Debut Album
In May 2007 she started collecting beats for her first solo album. An albumtitle is not known as of yet. The album might be released through 4th Avenue Jones' label Lookalive Records and World Citizens, a new division of Sony/Integrity.

Sources: MySpace blog: I need some dope beats!, May 22nd, 2007

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