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Country:United Kingdom
Info:Fruits are the production duo HMD and Frikshun, who released their album "First Fruits" in 2005.

HMD rocked the stage with Redman, opened for Wu-Tang, Spit along side Busta, shared the stage with Mobb Deep, impressed industry heads in the US and regularly smashed the airwaves from Westwood to One step. Then he went missing! Now HMD is back with a new sound, new song, new producer, new perspective, but still spittin with the same flames, fire & passion.

UK Hip Hop scene
In 1994 HMD formed MSI, Birmingham's hottest rap crew, who became a leading force within the UK Hip Hop scene. The crew had the streets on lock for a number of years, rocking underground jams, pirate radio stations, carnivals, and supporting US acts such as Wu-tang and Keith Murray.

From the success on the local scene HMD led the crew to national recognition, appearing on MTV and playing a lead role in the Channel 4 film Code of honour. The crew went on to record two albums which not only earned them underground respect from their peers and fans but also gained interest from various major labels such as Sony.

But, on the verge of success, HMD decided to leave behind his dreams of making it with his friends due to strong disagreements with management. HMD went solo and in 1998 he took time out to reflect on his journey through the rap game and decided, alongside a close friend to form their own record label Dappa Dann Entertainments.

Through this venture HMD released his first solo effort titled The Debut, which was the first instalment of a trilogy series, with the final instalment being, the highly anticipated solo LP. The Debut EP raised the ante receiving critical acclaim further establishing HMD as a solid solo act, with the industry, rap game and fans not being able to get enough.

Then came Frikshun, an up and coming producer from Wolverhampton, who was recommended to HMD by a close friend who had heard Frikshuns work. Frikshun became the third member of Dappa Dann and the labels official producer. Now with producer on board, a joint venture label deal and a catalogue, things were about to explode!

In 2002, on the verge of clinching various deals Dappa Danns party came to an abrupt halt. Within a year of each other God snatched HMD and Frikshun out of the fire, and both of them individually gave their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ, becoming born again believers. After taking out time to get right with God, grounded in their faith and becoming husbands, divine destiny led them to pick up their musical ambitions as never before. With more fire, more purpose and more clarity than ever,

HMD and Frikshun have become who they were born to be. In 2004, the two formed the group Fruits and have recently completed their highly anticipated album which is about to hit the streets.

Production Company
Through their new company Fruits Productions, they released the album "First Fruits" in December 2005.

Release:First Fruits
First Fruits
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:The album is released in December 2005.

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