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Country:United Kingdom
Releases:[Many Soundz, One Noiz] [& What (single)]
Info:ZionNoiz from London is a collective consisting of MCs, producers, singers and DJ's. Artists affiliated are WariYah, Gamma, Judah, DJ Secret Weapon, Wizdom, Asah Shabazz, Wei, 3rd Son, Chenoa, Stratigik'L, Bold, GreenJade and Two Men From Tibet.

The group is a result of meetings called by Jahaziel towards the end of 2001. He assambled a number of artists who knew each other from the circuit to discuss the best way to move forward. The decision was that the best way forward would be together. And so the foundation was laid but the name and direction was to follow. In the Winter of 2001 ZionNoiz was conceived.

The Name
ZionNoiz, the latter part announced as noise, is explained as:
Zion means: A holy mountain set apart unto God. A place of serenity and security occupied by the righteous.
Noiz means: A sound that stimulates others to listen. A "vibe" that resounds through an area, drawing attention twowards a specific subject subject or object.

Once the name was in place, the vision began to take shape. Members or "knights", joined and left, photo shoots were done, a method of working was establised and a management structure in place.
Memebers quickly agreed that the priority should be to focus upon ZionNoiz as one unit, which in return would feed back in to the individual groups and artists. Intitally 25 people were invited to join and over the first 3 years the number wittled it's way down to 16.

Out of this number the leadership team was established and WariYah took up his role as leader. Part of the basis of ZionNoiz is to pool resources, facilities and contacts for the greater use of the collective and the individuals. This continues to work to great effect and forms the basis of everything, performance techniques, video shoots and albumrecordings

ZionNoiz is officially born on Saturday March 30th, 2002. This was also the date of the first photo shoot.

The first project was to work on the compilation "Many Soundz, One Noiz" (2004) and to make the first collective track entitled "& What". This was produced by Secret Weapon, remixd by Trymf and recorded at Yahweh Shammar studios.

Asah organised, directed and produced and edited the "& What" video in October 2002, which was coordinated by Strategik'L. The "& What" video was released on Channel U.

The collective released the album "Many Soundz, One Noiz" in 2004.

Release:Many Soundz, One Noiz
Many Soundz, One Noiz
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Media:[Audio CD] [Digital Download]
Recordlabel:Zion Knight Publishing
Info:The album is released in June 2004.

1. The Noiz of Zion
2. Rock Like This
3. Ya Get Me
4. & What!
5. Let It Out
6. Be This Way
7. The Standard
8. Zion Knightz
9. The Anthem
10. Ghetto
11. Feeling Again
12. Lights Up
13. Soldier Song
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Release:& What (single)
& What (single)
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Media:[7/12inch Vinyl]
Recordlabel:Future Soul
Info:The vinyl 12 inch single is released on April 26th, 2004.

Side 1
1. & What (main mix) - vocal
2. & What (main mix) - instrumental

Side 2
1. & What (original mix) - vocal
2. & What (original mix) - instrumental
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