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Country:United States
Info:Ruslan from Baku, Azerbaijan is a MC and producer. He lives in the United States, since 1991.

He is member of the crew TheBREAX, since 2006. Ruslan is also part of the crew Gallery Drive, consisting of ArtOfacT, Afaar, Insufficient Funds (TruthBTold, sINAi, Benjamin D) and NomiS.

Ruslan is one half of the production team "Eye Am productions" with partner Name Brand.

Ruslan released the album "Out of Order" in 2004.

Release:Out of Order
Out of Order
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Eye Am Productions
Info:The album is released on June 5th, 2004.

1. Out of Order
2. Step Back - featuring Afaar
3. Fall for anything - featuring Afaar
4. Why you wanna act - featuring Governor Grub
5. Kidden Me Right - featuring Afaar and Governor Grub
6. Relationships Anonymous
7. Funk bass - featuring Governor Grub
8. Shut and Rap (Skit)
9. In the Night Time
10. the gods
11. Take a Stand
12. His Faith
13. Masterpiece
14. Divine Insight
15. I wanna Say - featuring Blake Williams
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