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Rhyme Rock

Country:United States
Info:Rhyme Rock is a collective of four seasoned rappers talented both musically and lyrically.
They are: MC Till, Source Aura, Wise Logic and Verbal. The crew may have disbanded in 2007. But MC Till, Source Aura and Wise Logic are still active making hip hop music.

- MC Till lays the lush hip-hop backdrop with his soulful, melodic production. Equally as smooth is his polished delivery and effortlessly witty lyrics.

- Source Aura brings a multi-dimensional attack with his head cracking rhymes and laid back vibe. He delivers a smack to the face with a powerful rhyme as easily as he sets a mellow mood for you to relax to.

- Wise Logic comes with a unique style of intricately weaving words and phrases in rhymes with a classic delivery and an infectious flow.

- Verbal brings whip smart rhymes with profound simplicity, coupled with an aggressive delivery.

In 2006 the crew released the album "The Sun, the Blade, the Cross, and the Flame".

Release:The Sun, the Blade, the Cross, and the Flame
The Sun, the Blade, the Cross, and the Flame
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:The album is released September 25th, 2006.
Guest appearances by Wise Logic, Source Aura, Verbal.
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