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Rapture Ruckus

Rapture Ruckus
Country:New Zealand
Info:Brad Dring also known as Rapture Ruckus released his debut album "I Believe" on Parachute Records in 2006.

Wellington. Windy City. 2001. Burgeoning audio engineer and rock drummer Brad Dring sequences a Cypress Hill tune to rap along to for a class music project. His performance with sideman and friend Doug Aitofi wipes the floor clean with power, attitude, and a skill level no-one realized he had inside not even him. As New Zealand?s underground hip hop scene would soon find out, this was the day Rapture Ruckus was born.

Growing up in a hard fought working class neighbourhood, Brad Dring learned to tell the story of life from watching his mother single-handedly raise a family the only way she knew how - passionately. Moving house over a dozen times, living with his grandparents, taking the good with the bad was a struggle, but as always Dring plays his story down, ??looking back I can see that it was definitely hard, but hey, I had Leggo? it wasn?t exactly South Central.? Whatever it was, it was certainly character forming and it saw the young man who was to become ?Rapture? discovering his place in life the only way he knew how - through making music.

Hip Hop
Having stumbled across the sound of Cypress Hill, Rage Against The Machine and a pile of aggressive West Coast beats (courtesy of Dr Dre and Bone Thugs n Harmony), a wide-eyed 13 year old immersed himself in a lifestyle that within a few short years saw Brad descend into the local drug culture and his life quickly spiral out of control.

At age 18, still struggling with a drug habit, he found himself studying every facet of music he could find - writing and recording a fusion of hip-hop, beats, jazz, rock, you name it ? looking to both songs and substances, trying to find a purpose until one day that purpose found him. Tripping out in the backseat of a friend?s car, Brad heard God speak to him about where his life and his music were headed if he stayed on this track and thankfully he listened. Next Sunday Brad hauled himself out of bed, went to church with his mother and at the first opportunity just walked up the front - slowly, simply - and put his future in greater hands.

Partnering with Doug Aitofi, a newly focused Brad recorded a 10 track Rapture Ruckus album paying more respect to God than the ghetto and released it on a local Wellington indie label to critical underground acclaim. Selling a few thousand on the back of outstanding shows and word of mouth (including being the highest selling debut act ever at Parachute Festival), it didn?t take long for important people to discover their hard hitting sound and, following brief tours and support shows through Australia, Rapture Ruckus found themselves looking for the next step to take their music to a new level.

Significant negotiations with local record labels ensued until that step appeared in the form of Brad bringing alter ego Rapture into the hard working fold of Parachute Music.

This quickly saw him touring in support of other outstanding artists, bringing his music to grassroots audiences throughout Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa and the United Kingdom until the Rapture Ruckus that we now see is a young but veteran act of hundreds of shows the world over.

Rapture Ruckus won the Best Gospel/Christian Album with his record "I Believe" at the 2007 Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards held in Auckland on the 18th of October, 2007.

Rapture Ruckus released his debut album "I Believe" on Parachute Records in 2006.

Release:I Believe
I Believe
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Parachute Records
Info:1. Intro
2. Got This Feelin
3. Rockin
4. Rhymes For Times
5. Lose Control
6. I Believe
7. Move
8. Freight Train
9. Forever
10. Get Ready
11. Thank You
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