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Country:United States
Info:SoulFood is a group of artists made up from new and old artists that have turned their lives around from gangsta rap/hip hop to the most High God style of music making them Psalmist.

Some of these artists have already sold millions of records and some artists have been with groups that has toured the world. From Grammy's to Oscars SoulFood artists have been apart of it all.

This new movement is like the all time groups of the 1990's but the music shows life and not death. SoulFood artist are listed as books for their own solo careers. As many artist grows in this group and mold into bigger solo artist their will be many new artist filter in SoulFood.

Line Up
Who is featured in this Line up is Bushwick Bill, Baatin, Lil Turk, Crunchy Black and featuring BizzyBone plus newcomers K-Lee, Ricky B, The Overseer, Big Brad, R. Zion, Da Twinz (Sirvaant & Full Clip), 7eaven & PJ.

The first single is "Angels Watching Over Me" feat: Bizzy Bone, The Overseer, K-Lee, Bushwick Bill, R. Zion, & Ricky B this song came together from a little girl that was touched (raped) by her Dad that is now in prison and when R. Zion heard the story he started writing this song for healing to all.

The first compilation is entitled "Bless This Food" (2007).

Release:Bless This Food
Bless This Food
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Soul Food Muzic
Info:The album is scheduled for release on February 12th, 2008.
Artists featured are Bushwick Bill (Geto Boyz), Big Mike (Geto Boyz), Double R, Cadence, K-lee, Ricky B., Reco & Jayjee.
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