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Dre' Sr

Dre' Sr
Country:United States
Info:Andre Roberson also known as Dre' Sr from Kansas City, Missouri describes himself as: "I am simply a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. I received God's call to salvation in the Spring of 2005 and I have been running for the Lord ever since. The Lord called me out of darkness to His light and he has graciously placed me in a position to minister to others through the art of hip-hop music."

The MC explains how de dealt with sin: "Like alot of people, I grew up in the church. My parents were youth ministers so I was always at the church house. Being in the "church" was good for me but it was also harmful. See, I grew up with the mentality that I could sin as much as I wanted to and all I had to do was say a quick "Father forgive me" before I die and that would be enough to get me into heaven."

His attitude changed: "I later was confronted with the reality that Christianity is a lifestyle and not just a quick prayer. That's when I truly got saved and set free from the bondage of sin that I was in. Being that I come from that background, God has really placed a burden on my heart to communicate the Truth of His Word to the countless amount of people that have that same mentality that I had. So now I have a passion to unashamedly spread the gospel of Christ to everyone that I come in contact with."

Dre' Sr released his debut album - Living Sacrifice : The Soundtrack 4 Christian Livin' - in 2007.

Release:Living Sacrifice : The Soundtrack 4 Christian Livin'
Living Sacrifice : The Soundtrack 4 Christian Livin'
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Media:[Audio CD] [Digital Download]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:The album is released on June 21st, 2007.
Production by Young Fate, Sippidub Productions, and Dre' Sr.

1. Intro
2. Living Sacrifice
3. Count of 3
4. Call 2 Arms Pt.1
5. We Ain't Scared
6. He Ain't Askin' Much
7. Justified
8. Call 2 Arms Pt. 2
9. We Won't Compromise
10. Get It Poppin'
11. Wayside - featuring Demond from Du C Zon
12. Call 2 Arms Pt. 3
13. Let's Go Get 'Em
14. Heart Of Man (Interlude)
15. Break Down - featuring Deacon from C.U.R.F.E.W.
16. He's Da King - featuring Dub Jr. from Du C Zon
17. Justified (Remix) - featuring PeeDee, 1-Lyfe, and Azriel
18. I Am Not - featuring Voicebox
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