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Country:United States
Releases:[Conviction] [The Battle]
Info:The artist Kre8tor was born in Rochester, New York. At an early age of 13 he gave his life to Christ and was blessed with the gift of writing/producing and arranging music for the Lord.

Sad to say the Kre8tor slowly started to backslide and eventually became apart of that same environment that he hated. The street life was teaching Kre8tor about drugs, money, women, theft, and guns and not putting God first but depending on yourself and no one else.

But we all know that once you have experienced the Lord you never are truly the same. Many years pass and from time to time he heard God's voice calling him but he continued on his path to destruction.

West Coast Rap
In his 20's he moved to California and started to build his name in the secular music industry by producing West Coast up incoming and established artist. Eventually, Kre8tor was introduced to the former member of G-Unit: The Game.

Kre8tor then became the main producer for The Game's label 'The Black Wallstreet'. By being apart of The Games label basically meant that he would be labeled as gang related or just a Blood. So kre8tor decided that he did not want to become apart of the same useless violence he grew up with as a child, he also felt like he would be selling his soul for money and fame so he decided to just say no and go back to the grind of hustling tracks.

Mainstream deal
After that Kre8tor landed a publishing deal he then started to create tracks for that particular company. Then one day the publishing company heard a track with Kre8tor rapping on it and wanted to shop him for an Artist/production deal with Virgin Records. Just as the deal was about to close the label decided to sign the artist known as Gorilla Black, this is just another example of how the lord put a stop to his plans.

Kre8tor then was asked to do some production out in Jamaica for 3 months to work with artist like Lady Saw, Bounty Killa, Sasha, and Spraga Benz. Upon his return back home he realized why should he keep working for these companies when he can create his own label and do it for himself.

Own indy label
So he created a new West Coast label with national distribution through Thump/Universal and started signing artist in the Chicano rap genre. So that pretty much became most of Kre8tor life and he found himself surrounded again by the gang bang life soaking up the lifestyle.

Years then passed in California and his label then started to grow and he was working hard to push the music. Then one day it hits him that his son is about to be 14 years old and that he realized he's been gone for 6 years. Kre8tor basically felt a stronger sensation to go back home to be the father he supposed to be.

He now realizes that it was God's voice again calling him back home to get him away from all of the mess he was apart of. When kre8tor moved back home he said he was able to hear God's voice one night asking him "What If" and that's where his current song and video came from.

The video "What If" is released in September of 2007. The video "The Battle" on January 4th, 2008.

Label Double Edge Ministries
Kre8tor feels like God let him go through these things in order for his testimony to touch the people that his heart cry's out for. So Kre8tor has shut down his secular label and started his label Double Edge Ministries where he is creating music for the honor and glory of Christ with the same energy he gave to the world. Double Edge Ministries focus will be to the lost youth in these streets to show them the power, love and salvation of Christ through hip hop music.

Debut Album
Kre8tor released his first solo album called "The Battle" in 2008.

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Media:[Audio CD] [Digital Download]
Recordlabel:Double Edge Ministries
Info:The album is scheduled for release in early 2009.
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Release:The Battle
The Battle
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Media:[Audio CD] [Digital Download]
Recordlabel:Double Edge Ministries
Info:The album is released on February 22nd, 2008.
Production by Kre8tor.
The CD contains 2 music videos:
- What If
- The Battle

1. Intro
2. Man of God
3. What If
4. Maybe It's Time to Get Saved
5. Are You Still in my life - featuring Eddie Roque Junior
6. The battle
7. Valley of Death
8. Can't Do That
9. I Apologize - featuring Eddie Roque Junior
10. My Letter
11. You Ain't Gotta Die
12. Da Block
13. So Much So many
14. GOD (God Over Dollars)
15. You Can't trust
16. If Only You Knew - featuring Eddie Roque Junior
17. Wake Up
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Reviews:Found 0 reviews for this album. [Add a review]

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