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Country:United Kingdom
Releases:[Merciful God (single)] [Call On Me (I'll Be There For You) (single)]
Info:As a young boy growing up in Nigeria, Emeka Onyema also known as Vizion automatically became part of a culture within which music played a very important role.

Urban Music
However, artists from the United States had a greater influence on him, having been exposed to urban music at a very young age. Through out his primary and high school years, he remained a member of the school band, playing drums in military fashion. But his love for hip-hop and R&B was immeasurable, being heavily influenced by artists and music producers such as; Naughty by nature, Das EFX, Jermaine Dupri, DJ Quick and Dr Dre.

However, the music industry in Nigeria was not a growing one and opportunities for young musicians were hardly available. He moved to London, United Kingdom at the age of 16 in July 1994 to pursue a career in architecture.

At 19 years (September 1997), he enrolled on the BA/HONS Architecture degree course at London's South Bank University, to develop his gift of designing and drawing. After completing his sophomore year, he made a life changing decision. He finally realized that this artistic gift of expression and ability to turn a concept into reality was meant for a greater calling, which would later come in the form of music.

With song writing and rapping skills already to his credit, all he needed to do was learn how to produce music and learn about the music industry. In September 2000, he enrolled and attended a one year diploma course at The Gateway School Of Sound Recording And Music Business Studies.

Stone Built Productions
The following year, he formed a production duo called Snipaz Productions, with a student colleague. They worked as a team for about a year and recorded several songs together. But due to creative differences, they parted ways and set up individual companies. He set up Stone Built Productions, an independent music production company and recording studio, in 2003.

Vizion released his first single Evil Streets/Real Entertainment in September 2004, as a secular artist. He chose the name Vizion (pronounced Vision) because of his conceptual attitude. As he puts it, "I always had a keen interest in developing ideas into reality, from the basic concept to the finished product". Evil streets/ Real entertainment was released through a digital distribution deal with The Orchard, an American distribution company.

Media Coverage
Within that year, he made a lot of progress in gaining exposure in London. In addition to receiving continuous air play on pirate radio stations and performing at London's prestigious Culturefest (a huge event celebrating Nigerian and African culture), Real entertainment (the bonus track) also made it's debut on London's top R&B and Hip hop radio station, Choice FM 96.9, during the Lucy Ambache show on Saturday the 18th of September, 2004. It continued to receive daily air play on the station.

Born Again
In 2005, He had an experience that caused him to turn to God for answers. In his words, "I was rescued by His grace and became a new man, a born again christian with new wisdom". He later released his second single "Call on me", an inspirational song about calling on God as well as calling on one another during times of need or difficulty. He spent that summer promoting the single which made it's debut on Choice FM, courtesy of Dave P, on Sunday the 8th of May 2005 and continued to receive air play on the station. It is also received continuous air play on Voice Of Africa Radio (A popular internet radio station).

He decided that his music would be used for the glorification of God and reintroduced himself to his audience as a Holy hip hop/gospel artist, performing and ministering the word of God at Churches and Christian events. He gained inspiration from Christian artists such as Deitrick Haddon, Fred Hammond, Gospel Gangstaz and Da TRUTH.

Christian Rap
Finally, he found his place in the music industry. A place that allowed him to be the musician that God always intended him to be. "I believe christian rap is a very influential tool in bringing the young generation back to God. My songs are usually emotional in order to soften the hearts of the listeners and supress any defensive attitudes towards Christianity. I think it is important to keep my music just as catchy and innovative as those of the leading circular, hip hop artists, in order not to be considered inferior. As a Christian rapper, I must display lyrical sharpness to compete with today's rappers, but the purpose is to provoke the thoughts of unbelievers. With support from record labels, Jesus Christ can become a dominant name in today's hip hop and street culture".

His first christian release is the single "Call On Me (I'll Be There For You)" released in 2005. Vizion released his second christian single Merciful God/Never Too Late in 2006. Although Merciful can be seen as his third single, including the secular release of "Evil Streets/Real Entertainment" of 2004.

Release:Merciful God (single)
Merciful God (single)
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Stone Built Productions
Info:The single is released on released April 7th, 2006.

1. Merciful God
2. Never Too Late
3. Merciful God (Instrumental)
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Release:Call On Me (I'll Be There For You) (single)
Call On Me (I'll Be There For You) (single)
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Media:[Digital Download]
Recordlabel:Stone Built Productions
Info:The single is released on Juli 26th, 2005.

1. Call On Me (I'll Be There For You)
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