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Snowman & Leonard

Snowman & Leonard
Country:United States
Info:Snowman (Jordan Andrews) & Leonard (Matthew Pack), started rapping together back in early 2006 when they formed the crew Pottie Skippen with some friends.

Pottie Skippen has shared the stage with Bradley Hathaway (Relevent Magazine), JustMe (Illect Recordings), Theory Hazit (Hip Hop Is Music), EF Cuttin (Illect Recordings), Da'rel Jr, Wonder Brown & MC Till.

Solo to Duo
Snowman & Leonard explain how the duo came together: "Well, because the two of us lived only 2 blocks from each other, on the downtime, we would get together and share new beats and verses with each other. Well one night while sitting in Leonard's bedroom, we decided to go to a local bar, Marley's Doghouse, in town to try out some solo work we've both been working on in a split set for their ever popular open mic. That went so well we just kept coming back week after week eventually performing, along with our own respected solo work, newer songs that we had now written together as a duo."

Snowman & Leonard
And thus Snowman & Leonard was born: "Having gotten such good response from everyone in town, we decided we should each stop working on the solo records we had in mind and in turn focus on an official Snowman & Leonard album."

The Snowman & Leonard album "Indie Hip Hop" is scheduled for October 12th, 2007.

Release:Indie Hip Hop
Indie Hip Hop
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:The album is scheduled for October 12th, 2007.
Artwork by David Burner (Toast).

Beats by
- Sean K: 1, 6
- Snowman: 2, 3, 5
- Leonard: 4
- Da'rel Jr: 7
- Theory Hazit: 8
- Snowman: 9

Lead guitar by
- Sean K: 2

1. Voices - featuring Phonetic
2. God Is Love
3. Sleepy Cat
4. God Is Real
5. Sun Washed
6. Sogima! - featuring Pottie Skippen
7. River Raft
8. Indie Hip Hop - featuring Theory Hazit
9. This Song Is Book - featuring Sean K, Phonetic
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