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Country:United States
Info:Rodrick "PubG" Finch was bought up in a single parent home. Trying to help his family, he got involved with the wrong crowd. but he didn't see it, so he came from the rugged streets and seen what it had to offer "nothing".

PubG has always had the love for music though. he has been playing the piano for 10+ years, and professionally producing for 5. So PubG found a way out of the streets, but while producing for the secular world he still wasn't happy, like they said "money can't buy happiness", PubG had a hunger for more so since he wasn't getting what he needed there he started leaning back towards the streets, even deeper this time around.

The life of drugs, thugs and slugs as my brother Missouriino would say. So PubG found another way, and the way he could touch people with words was phenominal, but to the wrong crowd so he still wasn't happy.

It wasn't untill his grandmother passed, when PubG was 13 to realize that the reason he wasn't happy was because he was going against the Lord, she told him to stay and trust in the Lord. So he finally saw where he belonged.

PubG started rapping and also producing. Gospel this time around. and he was happy. But things were not moving as fast as he wanted but "be still, God will fight your battle" he remembered.

He was a member at Greater Grace Church where the pianist Terry "Mr. Fingers" Bradford, plays, and he came to PubG. And told him he was starting a gospel recording label "Triumph Records" at first he was skeptical but when the Lord says move you move, so in January 2006 he signed to Triumph Records.

Through the label PubG met a group by the name of , Missouriino, "I never knew a group could be so radical for Christ till he met those guys" he said. So they took him up under their wings, and ever since then it's been history. They recorded their first track together, which was also produced by PubG, and accompanied by Mr. Fingers Bradford on piano "Still Standing" the remix to Missouriino's "Looking at the World".

PubG's debut album is entitled "The Life Of A Soldier Reborn".

Release:The Life Of A Soldier Reborn
The Life Of A Soldier Reborn
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Triumph Records
Info:All tracks produced by Terry "Mr. Finger" Bradford; except for track 12 by Rodrick "PubG" Finch.
All other tracks co-produced by Terry "Mr. Finger" Bradford.
Elevator Music on tracks 5 & 14 produced by Corey fuller.
Executive production by Derrick Crouch Sr. & Darnell Alexander.
Artwork by Crown of Life Designs.

1. Intro
2. Holy Ghost Party
3. Armageddon - featuring Missouriino
4. What if Heaven Had a Ghetto - featuring Leon Perry (guitar) & Aaron Fuller (vocals)
5. Crunk for Christ
6. In My Dreams - featuring Mandy Lews
7. Click Clak
8. Time to Pray - featuring Mandy Lewis
9. Soulja for Christ
10. Soulja Reborn
11. I Miss You - featuring Athena Osoko
12. What if Heaven Had a Ghetto
13. Still Standing Skit
14. Still Standing - featuring Missouriino & Alexander (vocals)
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