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Just paraDOX

Just paraDOX
Country:United States
Releases:[DOX Don't Bust No Glocks (mixtape) [mixed by DJ D-Lite]] [Dirt DOX : The Healing Mixtape] [The DOX Is In...]
Info:Jeramiah Giehl is Just paraDOX also known as DJ XDC and born on March 4th, 1976 in Des Moines, Iowa, but grew up in Oceanside, California. He works for Much Luvv Records and the National Holy Hip Hop Awards (former Texas Hip Hop Award Show).

What does his name mean? Paradox:
1. A tenet contrary to received opinion
2. A statement that is seemingly contradictory or opposed to common sense and yet is perhaps true

First Performance
My first solo hip hop performance was in October of 2002 at a Mars Music in Dallas at an open mic competition put on by CMT. I performed a song he wrote titled Down on the Ground Again. It was a song I had written the night before to a beat I remixed of Mary J Blige/Method Man song 'your all I need.' I didn't win because most of the artist who performed were rock or country and the show was put on by CMT. However I did place well, receiving recognition and praise for my music and writing abilities.

Not long after really getting back into writing hip hop again I started traveling around performing in community centers, detention centers, clubs, apartment complexes and to homeless people on the streets.

First CD
With the crew Soulfire I was with I supervised an independent CD release titled the Fired Up EP (2003). I also was able to promote the group so that we had the opportunity to perform at Club 36:9, The Door Club, Insomnia Coffee House and competed in a battle of the bands on a Cable TV Show in which we received second place for a song I wrote and performed.

My mission is to represent Christ to the masses through the Hip-Hop Culture, concerts and music outreaches. paraDOX is a diverse artist with a broadband of musical influences who has passion for street ministry and impacting Hip Hop culture combining Hip Hop Praise with Socially Conscious Lyrics.

His Passion
I am a Conscious Hip Hop artist based in Dallas Texas with Passion for reaching problem youth through Hip Hop culture and mentorship through concerts, block parties, school assemblies, homeless outreaches, prison outreaches, Clubs and traveling doing outreach weekends. I do shows in clubs, community centers, camps, children's homes, outdoor events, after school clubs, parks, homeless centers, recreation centers, schools, churches and any other type event you would like to book me for. Check out my website on info on scheduling, planning and booking me for concerts and outreach.

Marketing & Promotions Manager
When I gave up rapping in 2003 for a season I moved more into promotion, planning, hosting events, running the JEM Stone Promotions, the DFW Hip Hop Alliance and Faze1 First Fridays. I then moved into being the marketing and promotions Manager for Much Luvv Records and being the media coordinator for the Texas Hip Hop Award Show soon to be national in 2008.

Just paraDOX is officially part of the collective Secta 7 as of August 2008. The MC features on their upcoming project Secta 7 - The Sectarian Family in 2009.

Holy Hip Hop 4 Darfur
In 2008 Just paraDOX started the organization Holy Hip Hop 4 Darfur to help those affected by the genocide in the Darfur region of Sudan. The first record with many contributions by MCs from the christian rap scene is "The Save Darfur Now Compilation : Holy Hip Hop Responds To The Genocide In Darfur" (2008).

Just paraDOX made his first full length appearance on SoulFire’s The Fired Up EP (2003).

Guest Appearances
Plus the MC can be found as a guest on Bigg Moose’s mixtape with the track "Takin Ova".

Just paraDOX has several mixtapes in the making:

DOX Don't Bust No Glocks Mixtape
The current project that I am working on is the "DOX Don't Bust No Glocks Mixtape" (2009).

Dirt DOX : The Healing Mixtape
Is a mixtape (2009) focused on healing the whole mind, body, soul and spirit through dealing with the issues of life from a biblical perspective.

Dirt Dox
My next project will be releasing another mixtape title "Dirt Dox : The Healing EP" (2009) that will take you through some of the pain I've been in life and lessons learned along the road.

As well as working towards releasing my first full length solo project "The DOX is in...". The content of the project is current world events, the power of speech to persued others, ending beef in hip hop, not returning violence with violence, hip hop dying so we can bring a rap renaissance toward more positive, and socially relevant content.

Release:DOX Don't Bust No Glocks (mixtape) [mixed by DJ D-Lite]
DOX Don't Bust No Glocks (mixtape) [mixed by DJ D-Lite]
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Media:[Digital Download]
Recordlabel:XDC reCORDz / JAG'D Edge Media
Info:The mixtape is scheduled for 2009.

1. World War III (War What Is It Good For - Absolutely Nothing) - featuring Cy (Intro)
2. Window Shopper (Remix)
3. I Still Have A Dream - featuring Dr MLK Jr, ICECE & Bigg Moose (Remix)
4. Things I like - featuring KJ-52, Tre-9 & Von Won (Remix)
5. DOX Don't Bust No Glocks
6. Shot Down (Remix)
7. Whats Beef (madUSA) - featuring Pac, Big, 50, Lil Flip, Mos Def & Others (Interlude)
8. Takin The Streets Back - featuring Andre “007” Barnes (of the 5th Ward Boys)
9. Rap Renaissance - featuring Gibraan & Raiderz Of The Lost (Hip Hop Is Dead Remix)
10. Imagine - featuring Applejaxx (from Nureau Ink) (Remix)
11. The Art Of War (San Soo Gung Fu)
12. Fallen Soldiers - featuring C. Micah
13. Broken Tablets
14. Go Hard - featuring Mr Ren
15. Talkin Gibberish - featuring Tre-9 & ColCutz
16. War Drums - featuring Matisyahu (Interlude)
17. The Rules Of War
18. Won’t Stop Now - featuring Tha Heata & Ruslan (of the Beaux)
19. What He says I am
20. Get The Club Crunk - featuring SOM (Soldiers On a Mission)
21. Submit to me - featuring Tre-9 & ICECE
22. Here We Go Again
23. Murder Ink (Suicide Note)
24. You Know How My Squad Do - featuring Tre-9, ICECE & Andre “007” Barnes (of the 5th Ward Boys)
25. Chunk Up The Deuce & Twist The Dub Up
26. Christ Rules Everything Around Me (CREAM 2007)
27. Warfare Training 101 - featuring Bruce Lee (Interlude)
28. Get Down
29. Push It To The Limit
30. We Need To Help The Hood by President George W Bush (Interlude)
31. With The Help of Almighty God
32. Colossians 3-16 (Hid His Word In My Heart) - featuring Sean P & Sivion (of DeepSpace5)
33. Lord Give Me A Sign - featuring TruthSeekah & Ron Daniel (Remix)
34. Lights Out (Game Over) - featuring POD (Remix)
35. Lord Have Mercy
36. Lifter Of My Head - featuring Elisheva Shomron (Outro)
37. Aaronic Benediction by Marty Waldmen (Prayer)
38. Takin Over - featuring Bigg Moose (Bonus Cut)
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Release:Dirt DOX : The Healing Mixtape
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Media:[Digital Download]
Recordlabel:XDC reCORDz / JAG'D Edge Media
Info:The mixtape is scheduled for 2009.
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Release:The DOX Is In...
The DOX Is In...
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:XDC reCORDz / JAG'D Edge Media
Info:The album is scheduled for 2009.
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