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Country:United States
Info:The members of Soulfire were Just paraDOX, Pro.Klaima, Fire.Cracker and Jay C.

The crew Soulfire started about December 2002. Just paraDOX left the group in September 2003. Pro.Klaima and Fire.Cracker got married about the same time and they moved to the east coast. Thus the end of Soulfire.

Soulfire released the EP "Fired Up" on XDC reCORDz in 2003.

Release:Fired Up (EP)
Fired Up (EP)
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Media:[Digital Download]
Recordlabel:XDC reCORDz / JAG'D Edge Media
Info:The EP is released on July 25th, 2003.
Executive production by Just paraDOX.

Production by
- Pro.Klaima: 1
- ParaDOX1 & Pro.Klaima: 2
- Tony Ballard: 3
- Pro.Klaima: 4
- FireCracker: 5

1. Throw Your Hands Up
2. ParaDOX1 - Apostolic Poetry featuring Soulfire
3. Victory feat Jay-C
4. Original Praise
5. Get Ready To Party
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