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Nine Up

Nine Up
Country:United States
Releases:[Christ Life Or Nothin'] [Thiz Iz Why Im Cool]
Info:Nine-Comes from Galatians 5:22-26, the 9 fruits of the spirit. UP- Stands for Unify People.

Art of Music
Clinton” Nine Up” Hopkins was born in Los Angeles, California. In 1992 he moved to Moreno Valley Ca were he discovered the art of music. But it wasn’t until 1994 when he discovered a rap group called Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, at that moment he knew that rapping was for him. Although he knew he had talent the street life was still calling. In 1997 he formed a rap group called "Really Rhyming Righteous. But God had bigger and better things in mind.

In 1999, the street life had started to take a toll on him. After being kicked out of school and getting locked up God knock on the door and Nine Up opened it He accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord & Savior on October 17th, 1999.

C.L. Ryderz
He then joined Teddy "Nobody" Brooks and formed the group C.L. Ryderz (Christ Life Ryderz) on December 11th, 2002 they were signed to C.S.R. Entertainment (Christsyde Records). In January of 2004 they made history by being the first christian rap group to perform on the nationally televised TV Show Soul Train.

God has continued to move in C.L. Ryderz ministry blessing them to have shared the stage with some of gospels biggest names such as Mary Mary, Donnie McClurkin, Kirk Franklin, and Fred Hammond.

As well as three successfully albums, a ton of television and radio appearances including TBN, BET, The Word Network as well as all of the major radio stations throughout Southern California. In 2006 they were featured in the Source Magazine.
Community & Church
As God continues to move, Nine Up still signed to C.S.R. Entertainment, has now set out on his own to preach the gospel and take christian music to the next level, He has took some time off from music to focus on his own community, with some of his label mates and Roosevelt (Flo) Sargent the C.E.O. and now the Pastor of New generation Hip Hop Church in Moreno Valley, California. He is taking Jesus back to the streets where he came from, and seeing God move in the live of the youth in Moreno Valley, The youth are raising up and standard Quote " Christ Life Or Nothin' ".

Nine Up has recorded and released his first mixtape titled "Thiz Iz Why Im Cool" in 2007.

Solo Album
He has been in the studio recording his official first national to be released album "Christ Life Or Nothin'" in 2008. The foundation of the album stands on John 14:6. Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me".

Release:Christ Life Or Nothin'
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Recordlabel:Christsyde Records
Info:The album is scheduled for release on August 19th, 2008
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Release:Thiz Iz Why Im Cool
Thiz Iz Why Im Cool
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Media:[Digital Download]
Recordlabel:Christsyde Records
Info:The mixtape is released in 2007 as a free download.

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