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Country:United States
Info:Born in Boston, and raised in Camden, New Jersey, femcee Daarinah always knew that she had a love for the arts. During her years in the Camden school district, she began to write poetry and play the flute, little did she know that God would use her Love for Him and her desire for the arts to develop a unique ministry in her.

Daarinah was not raised in church which makes her testimony of God’s grace upon her life so powerful because the Lord did not allow that to hinder her from walking in His will for her life. Her gift of music is the tool that she is using to build God’s kingdom and her goal is to reach souls, to connect with that person who is hurting, and those who have walked away from God.

June 2007, Daarinah completed and released her debut album, "God’s Got It". She ministers the Word of God and incorporates a new age sound that has you examining your own life and at the same time has you on your feet because it is just that hot.

What makes Daarinah’s style so distinct is the sound of her spoken word tone combined with a rhythmic flow that allows the words she write, through the inspiration of God, pierce your heart.

Aside from music, Daarinah occupies her time with reading, writing and is also very passionate about being involved in ministry at her church home, Share the Love Ministries under the teachings of Pastor Jimmy A. Williams and Co-Pastor Simone Williams. One of her dreams is to have a book of her “God-Inspired” writings published and distributed worldwide.

When Daarinah’s name is mentioned you think of a child of God, one who finds joy in praising and serving God, one who gets joy in being in the fellowship of God’s people, and one who understands the sacredness of the assignment that God has placed upon her life.

Daarinah released her debut album "God's Got It" on June 30th, 2007.

Release:God's Got It
God's Got It
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:The album is released on June 30th, 2007.
Production by Jimmy Rashid Williams.
Executive production by Daarinah & Twana Callender.

1. Move Your Faith
2. All About You
3. Sweeter Than The Day Before
4. Crucifixion
5. Happy Day - featuring Hanifah Sanders
6. Grace
7. In Your Will
8. God's Got It
9. Ready
10. Runnin'
11. Let
12. Come As You Are - featuring Pastor Jimmy A Williams, MelNyce inspired by Jesus Christ, & Purpose)
13. The Answer
14. Daarinah's Thank Yous (spoken)
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