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DJ Souljah

DJ Souljah
Country:United States
Info:DJ Souljah from Jacksonville, Florida is specialized in urban worship music and he has a mixshow on streamingfaith.com.

As he states: "I didn't know this form of music was out until 3 and a half years ago. Once I recommited my life to Christ, God gave me the vision for Blessed Beats Entertainment. Ever since, I've been on a mission to get this music out to the masses that were like me.

DJ Souljah mixed the GodChaserz Entertainment album "Dat's Gospel Mixx" released in 2007.

Release:Dat's Gospel Mixx
Dat's Gospel Mixx
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Media:[Audio CD] [Digital Download]
Recordlabel:GodChaserz Entertainment
Info:The album is released on May 27th, 2007.

1. DJ Souljah Intro - Dat's Gospel Mixx
2. Rossi with Young Fitz, Brinson - Just Move
3. Jovan Mackenzy - Get Saved
4. ReadyWriter - The Briefing
5. Brinson - Bump Bump
6. Dat's Gospel Aerobics
7. Brinson, Young Fitz, ReadyWriter, Jovan 8. Mackenzy - Gospel Throwback
8. ReadyWriter - Snapback
9. Brinson - Jesus Pockets
10. Too High - Dat's Gospel Mixx
11. ReadyWriter - Grimetyme
12. Knine - The Real
13. Jovan Mackenzy - Shot to ya Soul
14. Apostle H.L. Burch
15. Brinson - As the Rims Spin On
16. Jovan Mackenzy - Christian Rap Wack?
17. Jovan Mackenzy, ReadyWriter - Tha Tha Tha Real
18. ReadyWright, Divine-Micaiah, Jovan Mackenzy, Young Fitz, Zee, Brinson - Simple Gospel (So Simple)
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